Jobs that pay around 30k a year.

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenRush, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. First I have googled. Not much help and all other articles are old and untrustworthy.

    So I was just wondering for some suggestion.

    I'm moving to Oregon. So preferably there. I'm 20 and I just want some starting money. I have worked out I will pay around 2.5k a month for mortgage and bills and weed and what not.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Truck drivers!
  3. I was thinking that, but aren't they constantly on the road?
  4. You're going to need to make 15$ an hour. Construction type jobs are all I could think of.
  5. Factory jobs. I don't remember exactly what I made the last few years, but it's been over $40,000. Lots of manufacturing jobs out there, and it's a job many people don't want to take. Shouldn't be too hard to find a place that's hiring.
  6. Yeah thanks, I'm willing to do/pay for training.
  7. Lol that's fucking part-time shit man.
  8. Business mgmt or IT
  9. office administrator jobs (depending on where you are)
  10. Move furniture !
  11. Uh actually thats full time 40 hours a week at $15 an hour. Have fun finding a part time where you are going to make 30k a year ESPECIALLY when you are 20 with no real skills. :laughing:

  12. yes. that is why your job is titled "Truck Driver"

    you get paid to drive.

    & the big companies do drug testing so good luck with that.
  13. Im going to Oregon University. Studying Architecture, I just need a job to get a bit of money on the side, I'm renting a house for $200 a month, so cheap and I have a bit saved up.

    It doesn't even need to be 30, could be 20. If I budgeted I could live easily.

    I would spend like $1000 a month at the absolute max. So I'll still have heaps of money left over.
  14. massage therapy, thats what i study :p
  15. I am 24 and I make around 55K a year.. haven't even graduated. I work in IT for a oil company, before that I managed a group home when I was 19-20. Went from $8 a hour to $14 a hour in 6 months.

    Group homes pay well and easy work depending on the client type. Plus they are always looking for workers.
  16. If I don't do Architecture, I'll do something with web design.
  17. Why not work for yourself, and get rid of the 30k limit? Much more to be made if you work for you...and bonus....NO DRUG TEST!!! lol
  18. Lot of jobs full-time require some kind of experience, degree, or something nowadays.

    I'll be surprised if you find one without it.

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