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Jobs that don't require drug test.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by GoogleEyedBass, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I am 18 and a senior in high school. I am looking for a part time job (best buy, zumies, jamba, etc) that don't drug test! Any suggestions?
  2. McDonalds..
  3. Try some local resturants, or pizza place. Local pizza place by me doesnt drug test
  4. your first mistake is looking to get a job at a badass place. everyone knows the people who work at places like best buy and aeropostale and spencers are all either imported as slaves from the far reaches of the northern alps in sweden or manufactured in government facilities.i mean thats just common knowledge the key to getting a job in this economy is by either going to prison or setting your standards as low as possible and hoping like hell for a semi-mediocre job
  5. Restaurants and retail stores generally don't drug test. IF they do, they're usually strictly pre-employement tests which are a breeze to pass.
  6. best buy drug tests. i worked there for 6 years.
  7. entry level positions at UPS don't require drug tests for employment
  8. Fast Food and Pizza is always a stoner staple. Grocery stores do pre-employment checks which, as stated above, are a easy to pass. I knew a couple guys that did retail, worked in the back, and said it was a easy job with smoking benefits, if you know what I mean :ey::smoke:

  9. Hmmm that might be a good one, thanks!
  10. cvs doesnt except for management and maybe pharmacy. front store is drug test free though. my bosses actually knew i smoked haha

  11. Did you have like random drug tests all through employement? or did they tell you a few days before? or did you only have to test once to get the job?
  12. I'm pretty sure if you start your own small business, you won't get drug tested.
  13. pretty much any local owned business wont have the money to drug test
    dont apply for major corporations
    I suggest Little Caesar's Pizza Place, damn that's such a stoner job
  14. Jamba, or if you live in california (or a few other places, i worked at the one in houston) Robeks is the best place to work ever. Mine was never more business than two people could handle, and I spent countless hours playing cell phone games and doing homework during the winter or slow hours. Also ours closed at 8 so you were always home by 9.
  15. such bullshit, i really cant stand testing. such a crock of shit.
    last job i worked at i got a pre UA. had to use someone else piss. failed the temp test obviously but i made a huge deal about it and they passed me anyway. first day on the job my boss comes in with ecstasy eyes, everyone else working there is stoned as shit or drinking 10 cups of coffee a day, taking smoke breaks every 30 minutes....
    such bullshit.

    welcome to the working world man. get used to the system.
  16. I dont know but ive always wanted to be a space shuttle mechanic at NASA

  17. they'll test you during the interview process. the GM can call for a drug test whenever they want, so it kinda depends on the store. Generally nothing will happen unless you are like our old installer who would show up to work half drunk still :rolleyes:
  18. no problem just dont become a driver because then they will randomly drug test you
  19. Not sure if it's been said but publix is a good place. I work there and sure you get the pre job drug test, but it's oral so it's only good for a few days back of toking. I've worked there for 6 months, been to work high once, red sleepy eyes and all, and haven't been tested once. People that have been working there for a few years say they have never been tested.

    This applies only if you have a publix in your part of the country of course
  20. Does anybody know of a place beside Cvs in Chicago that don't do drug test? I need to get a job fast. My car is fucked up can anybody help

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