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jobs that don't drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by mike420, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Jobs that DO require a drug test usually are:

    Government jobs
    Public utility jobs (Gas and Electric)
    Driving jobs
    Anything where safety is an issue and you have the potential to really hurt yourself. This is because the employer might not be able to get workers comp. insurance in some cases without a drug test.
  2. EVERY ONE that I have ever worked at . I have been a stoner all my looooong life and I have not been drug tested for any of a number of jobs
  3. Drug Dealer
  4. blockbuster

  5. Dammit, Pete. I was going to say exactly that.
  6. i applied there but there was a drug test

  7. Restaurants, or little mom & pop stores.
  8. Grocery Stores
    Fast food
    Music Store
    Clothes Store
    Movie store
  9. they gave you one? I have NEVER heard of anyone getting a DT there before... oSome of my friends have been workign there for 7 years, never got a dt.
  10. Most jobs do drug test, fast food resteraunts ussually don't drug test but some do. You should apply to places even if they say they're going to drug test you because some don't actually do it. When my friend got a job at radioshack they said they were going to drug test him but they never did.
  11. I worked at a Hampton Inn, they didn't drug test
  12. McDonald's and Hardee's do not. If you're wanting a real job, there's going to be a drug test. Just cheat that shit.
  13. Starbucks.

    i started there last week and wasn't DT'd
  14. I've worked at Spencer Gifts, Finish Line, and now at FYE. All made me sign an agreement stating they could drug test me without notice, but none ever did. I think it's more for their protection, like if there's an accident in the store and someone gets hurt, then all who were working are drug tested, etc.
  15. Hotels. As far as I know. The one I work at didnt anyway.
  16. If they pay cash, they won't be drug testing. Look for little stores, corporations normally drug test you.
  17. Suprisingly... Fed-Ex doesn't drug test. Drivers get randomly tested once in a while, but thats it.

    Just think of a shitty job were the turn around time for new hires is shoooororttttt... Places like McDonalds (resturants) and Fed-Ex (package handlers) dont drugtest because they have to constantly search for new employees every other week - most people cant handle the work enviroments. Places like HomeDepot, PG&E, Cosco, Target, Wal-Mart, etc have longer turn around times and thus dont have to constantly find new workers, because they actually stay for a while.
  18. pizza delivery places. delivering pizzas is like the perfect job...ride around blazed listening to music to deliver pizzas and get paid.

  19. yeah, possability of getting stabbed and ripped off all the time while puting a shitload of wear on your car - perfect job...

    wait. no that job sucks, sorry dude. IMHO Pizza dilivery is more last resort than McDonalds, plus most insurance companies, like AAA - wont cover your car for these types of jobs.

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