Jobs that dont drug test

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    I'm looking to get a part time job at a place that doesn't drug test. Does anyone know any places like this in Canada?
  2. In Canada I'm not sure how it works. But you could always get it out of your system when you find a job and hold off a month or 2 to see if they test or not, if not there you go. If so, I'm sorry. That's what I did at my job as a delivery driver.
  3. Most minimum wage jobs. Alot of applications ask plainly if you're willing to submit a drug screen. Quit smoking for a month, and get a real job man. Minimum wage sucks.
  4. Buy fake piss or take a t break
  5. FedEx

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  6. dude if makeing 9.00$ an hour sucks i dont even want too work anywhere else..
  7. restaurantes
  8. most places don't unless you are working full time in a job that directly influences the well being of the public or operating machinery. I work part time stacking fruit. beleive me, if they drug tested, 75% of the store would be gone. it's all kids my age 14-20

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  9. pizza places
  10. Many places won't drug test you, but however if is involve machinery/law/driving.... they will drug test you
    I don't get why some retailers and things which doesn't involve the things above still drug test you??
  11. Become a Public School Teacher.

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