Jobs that don't drug test...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mutated seabass, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Hey whats up guys. I have a question and would appreciate any help! Well I've been smoking 2-3 times a day everyday for the past six months and i stopped cold turkey two weeks ago to find a job (in case of drug testing). I'm pretty confident I can pass a drug test now because i have a very low amount in fat in my body. I've only a applied for a few jobs and haven't recieved any phone calls. So I'm assuming it will be a while before I will get a job, or get drug tested for that matter. But today, I decided "fuck it", I just got some money and I'm just gonna enjoy my summer and start toking up again. So if you guys can post any jobs from your own experiences that don't drug test, I would really appreciate it! Maybe video rental stores, baskin robbins, any jobs at the mall? I've applied to super markets such at vons, ralphs and etc but I know they drug test for sure. Also, if you've been a daily toker and have passed a drug test....any information and tips? BIG THANKS to any responces!
  2. Restaurants usually don't drug test.
  3. it really depends man.....what country you live in i guess

    NZ is really laid back about drug test laws
  4. with all my experience in searching for the best job possible since i was 15... minimum wage jobs generally wont drug test you... its not worth the money... unless you are applying for a managerial(sp?) position. So any job you named( video rental store, baskin robbins, at the mall) you should have o problems with getting drug tested.. and personally i love the food business... im a waiter and even on the slowest nights i honestly average atleast 10+ bucks an hour which is pretty sweet... so good luck hope this helped!
  5. i have only had one place DT me and i didnt get the job ne ways...but ive worked at 2 restaurants, and some retail and no DT's for me...btw pizza places usually never DT, but its hard to find a job at a pizza place, best job ive food, free drinks, and i can smoke weed whenever i want, great job.
  6. Most food places dont do any tests.... Also i used to work at eckerd, and theyre supposed to drug test you there but they never ended up testing me.
  7. staples dont drug test
  8. In my experience I've found restaurants and fast food places don't drug test.
  9. you should call the places back that you apply to. they've never called me back with the exception of a couple.
  10. Yeah, restaurants that aren't big chains don't drug test. I work at a restaurant right now-no DT's.
  11. Dollar Tree (or dollar stores) don't drug test which is awesome cause i work at Dollar Tree and get baked almost everday after work ^^
  12. i deliver pizzas, no drug testing there
  13. The construction business never DT's. I help my dad a lot with his construction, and I swear every guy that works for him is the fattest drugged out guy. One time when I was 10 years old we found at least two pounds of schwagg in this trash can at one of my dads work houses. It was late at night when we found it, and we think it was being stored there, haha. But I was so young, I was still scared of it. My dad lit some of it and let me smell it tho. haha. My first encounter with weed = 2 pounds.
  14. the movies around here dont drug test
  15. yeh my dad owns a exavating busniess (putting in septics, digging foundations shit like that) and he said to his workers hes suppose to drug test them every month but its just a waist of time so he dont drug test them
  16. Most of the shit that tests is like big nationwide companies because of legal bullshit, most smaller places don't unless the job involves driving (except pizza delivarying like I do), jobs with heavy lifting or machinary, except like construction some do some don't. Most contruction workers drink and smoke anyways.
  17. I don't think theres a law that forces big companies to drug test, but I hate the whole thing altogether.

    Doesnt drug testing seem like a thing to keep people from just smoking pot? All those hard drugs leave your system quick as hell.
  18. I do heavy lifting at Dollar Tree but thats cause im on stock and they still don't test even though they are a huge company with 3000 stores.. Hey do you guys know how to apply small buisness Head Shop? Or do you have to like know the owner pretty well before you even ask? I really want to work for this one head shop we have here. ^^
  19. I'm a graphic artist - Never once been drug tested - not surprising tho, if arty/media companies drug tested us lot they'd be proper fucked! lmao

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