Jobs that Don't Drug test in Kennesaw/Marietta

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  1. Hello, I'm just a lowly herb lover living in Kennesaw who is in dire need of a job but hates how he has to stop smoking to get one (I have horrible stress issues, Grave's disease, joint and back pain... the list goes on. I also love just tokin the herb :cool:). Anyways, does anyone who lives in Cobb, preferably Kennesaw, know of places that do not drug test? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. haha I'm in the same boat. Any help would be appreciated guys!

  3. Dude, it can't be that dire if you wont quit smoking to get one.

    Just go to places that aren't corporate, mom and pop places so to speak.
  4. DUDE if its that big of a deal, dont smoke till you get a job, OR maybe just buy some quickfix.

    worked for me at labcorp. like the best kind of DT you can buy
  5. lol not dire, just inconvenient. I even went the route of selling bud for a little while last year for the fact that i couldn't get offered a job in this area, and I'm not willing to take the risk of not smoking for months up to a year, just to remain jobless. There's no win in that.

    But I digress lol. The mom n pop shops idea sounds grand. I haven't applied at many because 1) they happen to be harder to find around here and 2) they usually don't need or want "outside" help :(... but I'll definitely keep trying. Thanks for the replies
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    *hand gesture for "over my head"*... don't know where that came from bro

    *edit* oh, i got you. lol... strange
  7. Im in the restaurant industry and unless its a huge chain its very unlikely they test. So get a job as a waiter or line cook. Whats funny is most Federal Jobs don't Its expensive to do drug testing yet to be a minimum wage worker at Target they test you..upside down right there.

    The smart solution would be simply to stop smoking for a month or so then get a job. The likely hood of another drug test is zero once employed.
  8. Op is the govurment man

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