Jobs In Portland, Or Drug Test?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tree Burner, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I'm moving to the Portland area soon and I'm curious if it's common practice to test for drugs pre-employment. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Yep...Welcome to the United States.
    It is common practice here to pretty much interfere with your freedom of choice as much as possible. :cool:
  3. I thought they might but figured I'd ask because they don't drug test in Colorado where I'm at currently. Looks like I'll be on a smoking break starting next week.
    They most definitely do drug test here in Colorado. :cool:
    I should have worded that better. They don't drug test in the part of Colorado where I live now. Only a few jobs require it such as mail delivery for example...but the majority don't.
    I figured since Portland area is a bigger city that they probably would but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  6. Just because a place drug tests does not mean they will not hire you for testing positive for THC.. drug tests do check for other substances..
    Ya, but if they do test I'd have no way of knowing if they are cool with marijuana or not. I can't risk not getting a job on a gamble.
    Then clean up.
  9. Take 40$ walk into any head shop purchase some synthetic urine and you can pass.... easy as pie
  10. If they're drug testing you its for a reason, if you're not smart enough to figure out a way to pass, then you're probably not qualified for the job.
  11. or put another way, if you're not determined enough to not smoke weed for a month then you don't deserve the job.....just do that OP
    A reason such as seeing if you are on drugs possibly?
    I'm fully aware of synthetic urine but I don't reallly care to waste money or time on that when I can just stop and be straight.
    The only way I'd keep smoking is if they didn't drug test in the area which that obviously doesn't seem to be the case. Oh well, that will just be that much more bud I'll have saved up to last me until finding a good connect in the area.
    Thanks guys
  13. Fuck yeah!? Wouldn't u wanna know if u bout to hire a crack head? At least if they pissed clean it showed me they were coherent enough to pass
  14. If I were an employer I wouldn't give a fuck what people used as long as it wasn't impacting their job performance.

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  15. You say that until one day it impacts not only his performance, but your bank account.

    If you're a business owner that already runs a risk of negligence, negligence per se, malpractice etc. you'd be dumb not to drug test everyone. Better to know who your potential threats are and give them a chance than to hire a criminal/drug addict blind sided and have it come back to bite u in the ass.


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