Jobs for college students that AREN'T in a restaurant?

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  1. Sup blades, been a while since I've posted here but I've come for advice! I recently started school after travelling for a few years. I also started a job working part time in the kitchen at a local Red Lobster. I find that the fast paced environment on top of the late nights is too stressful for me while I'm in school, but I can't afford to not work unfortunately. It sucks because it feels like there's no other job options besides restaurants for someone like me, but I really want to find something else. I'm lucky enough to be supported by my parents through school so I'm happy working just a few hours a week, just need a little spending money ya know? Anyone have any ideas or experiences?
  2. Stripper
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  3. Work study or other job at the College.

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  4. Here at HSU many of the college students trim.
  5. Online freelancing websites are great for extra cash, I used to make bank writing little articles for blogmutt. Upwork is a good site, too, but some of the rates on there are just too low to be worth it.
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  6. Landscaping
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  7. I used to do landscaping, but unfortunately not the type of job that works with a college schedule
  8. If you get a few customers for summer lawn care they can call you to do odds and ends and shovel snow during the winter, If you like it a push mower and a gas can is all you need to start.You can plant flowers and plants too.
    Never enough young people willing to do yard work for us older ones.
    Oh and car washing detail service is another easy start up low cost too.
    Just need to be willing to work hard and the money will follow.
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  9. Do auto detailing you can travel to them no matter if they are at home or work and detail.
    You can work after school, and week ends
    You set the days
  10. Hotel, gas station, movie theatre, retail store, all kinds of things college kids can do outside of the food biz
  11. I know a few friends that started with a push mower and built their businesses into million dollar companies.
  12. I thought jobs in restaurants were for college grads lololol

    No but seriously, I think it might be harder to find an employer willing to work around your school schedule, especially if you’re not in a small college town (you may be, idk). Jobs on campus will 100% work around your schedule obviously but the pay might not be the best.

    I’d recommend something that’ll actually teach you a worthwhile skill/trade. I got into painting and property management in college. The skills I learned at those jobs ended up helping me waaaaayyyy more than a degree
  13. Assisted living facilities are always looking for help!
  14. Retail stores, gas stations, pizza delivery, customer service work, there are plenty of places that will work with your schedule. You could also shift some, or all of your classes to online classes and work when you want. I take a full class load and still work full time, where there is a will there is a way.
  15. I hate to tell you this, but restaurants are not bad for making money as a student. I'm a professional cook who's been doing this for 3 years, plus I go to school for culinary. I love the industry, and I will walk into the school kitchens at 7am and leave my night job at 9pm - 10pm. Red Lobster is a really fast paced restaurant and probably is open really late. Find yourself a mom and pa restaurant or a place that closes at like 10pm rather then a restuarant where you're working till 2am. Also, what are you doing in the restaurant?
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  16. I've worked in restaurants for over 5 years, just not my thing. You love the industry so its enjoyable, but I hate the industry. I was working on the line, but told them it was too hectic for me so theyve moved me to the pantry, which gets me out even later than the line. I do agree that a mom and pop place would be better.
  17. Work for the cause and sell Weed..?

    Work for the college and get staff discount

    Work for the staff and get college discount

    sell Red lobster to collage staff

    sell College staff to Red Lobster

    cash is easy ...keeping it that can be an issue

    good luck
  18. Campus bookstore.
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  19. Gas station jobs are easy, I never even tried working fast food when I was younger because I saw how much it sucked.
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  20. hit up garage sales and estate sales to find stuff you know you can flip on Ebay or Craigslist.

    if you have a car maybe try driving for Uber or Lyft
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