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Jobs For A Daily Toker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by green eggs, May 19, 2010.

  1. It's hard being a Seasoned Toker when you have no money. Anyways I'm getting a job I finally completed my resume I'm a student so I can't get an amazing job but I'm okay with that for the summer.

    Sooo help me out list some good places for a "stoner" to work somewhere where I could probably get away with being high whenever without worry. Just something chill. I realize that having a job means you have to work and I have full intentions on actually doing my work.

    I'm pretty excited I don't have to smoke out of pens and other household items :smoking:
  2. Work at a restaurant. Everyone is high.
  3. Work in a park in your neiborhood.
    I get pay 11$ per hour and work for like 5 min per 6 hour shift.
    It's amazing, and I vape non stop and watch cops and play psp.
  4. Any kind of food industry.
    Music store.
    Head shop.
    Work as a life guard.
    Work as a tutor.
    Babysitter (Babies only lol. Don't want the little kiddies saying something to their parents about you lighting up.)
    My homie works at a car wash and they never give a fuck.
    Game store.

  5. Lifeguard is not a guarantee I did work at a company that did not test, however, many of them do. If you work for the state you will definitely get tested
  6. gas station or convenience store.
    i worked at speedway for like a year
    and now ive been working at a corner store for like eight months
    just sell phillies and wraps all day and smoke before work
    i even smoke outside sometimes at night
    since im the night time manager
    i wont tell on me :)
  7. work at a restaurant...ur manager might not be happy if he finds out but both restaurants ive worked at there were a few of us tokin out back.
    head shop would be amazing but around me they are rarely hiring... not too many ppl quit a job like that haha

  8. Well, We will see what the night time manager thinks when I tell him :cool:
  9. i used to tutor before i graduated... math, physics, chem, bio, anything... many sessions turned into philosophical discussions lolll
  10. Tropical Sno, best job I've had.

    Look it up, see if one's in your area.
  11. I have a job interview for lifeguarding tomorrow for my city. I'm sure i'll be tested but haven't toked for like 2 months so I'll be good. It's so hard to just stare at a brand new vap without being able to use it ughhh. I hope i get the job and tested ASAP I wanna try this MFLB!!!
  12. wal mart! they test before, but its worth it. there is bound to be someone no matter what part of the store you work in that will be high at any given moment lol. i suggest something easy, like stocking shelfs, working the the bakery/deli/restaurant (being around food and acccidentally messing orders up so you can have your munchies for free!), jewlery or people greeter(fucking funny to see all the weirdos comes in). i would stray from cashier unless it is overnight cashiering.

    the gas station idea is a good one as well! and of course pizza places
  13. #14 KingFrankWaits, May 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2010
    Green House-
    it's always warm, you're always "in the jungle", and there's nothing too detailed to fuck up while high. Starting $9-10/hr, not great but you really can't beat the job.

  14. Helllll no: Wal-Mart worker fired over medical marijuana - Careers-

    Genius! :hello:
  15. Coffee Shops that arent Starbucks
  16. Yeah coffee shop,
    gas station
    lawn care-snow removel
    odd jobs
    auto job

    endless ideas...
  17. Rapper is a great job for a daily toker :smoking:

  18. and you learn how to grow plants... if you ever start growing weed you'll have some good experience
  19. people suggested walmart and stuff, i have to disagree slightly. DON'T be a cashier. i am a cashier at a grocery store and having to deal with old ass people bitchin about how they didnt get 20 cents off everytime im in there blazed. stocking shelves is a good idea though, in the store i work in the people who stock the shelves get to sit in their car for a half hour and blaze in the back parking lot when i gotta go back in after ten minutes. stay away from being a cashier dude

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