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jobs, finances, and managing your marijuana budget

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cLOUD9, May 21, 2010.

  1. Id like to see how you guys manage your money when it comes to smoking. I usually to base it off of how much money I make and go by day-to-day on how much I'll buy/smoke. I work as a pizza delivery driver, so my job reflects on how much I smoke. On a good day I can usually afford a 20 bag, which i break up into periodic bowlpacks to the face, and have cash left over for ciggs, munchies etc.

    what kind of jobs do you guys have, how much of your pay do you usually spemd on pot, and what steps, routines, or money management/conserving strategies do you use?
  2. I have 3 different bank accounts.

    1. Rent/Utilities/Bills
    2. Food/School
    3. Bud/Fun

    Allocate accordingly and only bring one card with me at a time depending on what I'm paying for.

    I buy in halfs or ounces when I do buy.
  3. Well let's see I'm a server at a local restaurant but get paid alot more hourly than most expect so it's nice to have that money but a typical week I can make between 375-450 on average depending on how well I do in tips too cause I also have the benefit of getting tipped out.

    I buy usually every week to two weeks so depending on how much I want to smoke or close to running out on and how much I can afford at a particular is always a little different. Usually I was going through a ounce (dank bud) myself a month so about a 1/4 a week or so. Mostly smoking at night and on the weekends with one other close friend but depending on my school/work schedule I always was able to find time to have a small bowl or two throughout the day also.
  4. well i have very expanses so i put all but 100 of my paycheck into savings and that 100 is my money for the week.
  5. Hahah, my money ends up broken down such as; 100% of it it used however the fuck i want.
  6. Must be nice havin the parents foot the bill...
  7. I too work as pizza delivery boy and i spend every dollar i get on booze weed and gas. Its pretty upsetting actually since I make pretty good money
  8. The small amount of money I do have I luckily only have to use for fun.

    When I had a bigger cash inflow going on I used 2 current accounts, 1 short term savings account and 2 long term savers. My money was split about 70% on weekly spending and I tried to save the rest into my short term account. Sometimes I dipped into said account to buy more expensive things. Anything still in my short term saver at the end of each quarter I moved to my long term saver to help pay for Uni/travelling.

  9. Hahaha na son, i wanna live, so i pay my bills, so vicariously i want to pay my bills, that % is being spent on what i want, to live, the other percent is spent on shit i dont vicariously want, and that i superficially want (whose gonna get the technicay meaning for that hahahhha)
  10. I'm a business and IT consultant and an author. Money isn't something I really worry about much, though we are fairly frugal aside from buying high end food mmmm.

    As for my bud, it costs me next to nothing to grow it. I wind up paying $8-$10/ounce when all is said and done.
  11. I usually buy a big bag of weed every two weeks, on my payday. When that runs out, I usually just throw in on bags with friends until my next paycheck.

    Unfortunately, I really havent saved any money because most of it does to gas/food/cable/pot/shit for my gf/ other misc. expenses
  12. Deposit my check into my bank, pay off bills, utilities, insurance, and set aside money for gas. Rest is do whatever-the-fuck-I-want money.
  13. You need an English class and a dictionary. Don't they still teach that stuff in 9th grade?
  14. Buy at least an O at a time, smoke half for free. :D
  15. I see what you did there...but grow your own, live for free :D
  16. I spend about $480 per month on weed. When I take money out for weed, I dont even think about it, kind of like gas. I consider it a necessity.

  17. Decided against growing till I can do it legally I think, but I have other resources at my disposal to make all my substance use free.

  18. I am unemployed, but have an income from my husband's working. We pay for all the living expenses first, and my marijuana comes from my savings account. Lately I have been buying eighths of weed from different dispensaries around San Diego, to try lots of strains. I don't really keep track of how often I buy it nor how much I go through. I know I conserve on weed quite a bit compared to some people I read about online. I don't think I even go through an eighth a week, and I am smoking all day/night.
  19. Marriage is a partnership, so as long as one of you works don't think of yourself as unemployed. I'm sure you do your share in the partnership :)
  20. :smoke:
    How nice of you to say that!

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