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Jobs and Drug Tests

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by legitrick, May 28, 2010.

  1. Im getting this job at a local mail place soon and im wondering what is the likelihood of me being test upon entering the job

    And if i get tested will it only be once?

    positive feedback is appreciated.
  2. the u.s. post office will probably test.
    Im not sure about packaging places(ups, fedex, etc)

    do u know if you got the job already? did they give you a starting date? I usually get tested before training and everything.

    also, i once got tested and probly failed. but a week later they called me to take the test again. i passed the second time.
  3. I do not have it yet, but they offered me the job and im going in for an interview on saturday so hopefully all goes well.

    Its for just a local packaging/shipping place nothing under the postal service
  4. still need some more feedback..
  5. i think that after ur last smoke , thc stays the longest time in your body for 3 months on your hairs
  6. Yea, the usps will probably test you, i can't speak for other carriers, but it's always better safe than sorry, and you could even use it as a t-break.

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