jobes flowering food spikes.

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  1. a buddy of mine gave me these plant food sticks. they are specifically made for flowers/plants that are flowering. my buddy said there great because there supposed to be used for african violets. since i usually dont use ferts or anything, will it be good for my ladies?

    BTW. the npk is 10-10-4. is that good for a marijuana plant thats just entering the flowering stage?
    thanks for any help.
  2. usually a lower concerntration of nitrogen during this stager is preffered. i prefer water soluble fertz as they tend to absorbs better. im not sure what the things you speak of are but they sound like a dry fertilizer in which you still have to water. you can go get some fox farms big bloom or something like that at your garden store. works great. but as for them spikes, try it out and let us know!
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  3. I have heard of and seen those fert sticks before but not for weed yet i diffently want to know how it turns out if u decide to use them! thats and good luck! smoke for everything
  4. These are not recommended for MJ, too concentrated in a small spot, they can cause root burn - stick to liquid ferts. I tried these early on in my growing career when I had my only unexplained loss of a plant.
  5. im still going to try it. there not in small pots, i have all my ladies in 5 gal. buckets. it says to put 6 spikes in for every 5 gallons of dirt. i think im only gunna put like 3 or 4. i dont wanna burn the plants. but ill let you know if its any good GC.
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    So why come here asking for advice, and then say, up yours I´m going to do it anyway ??

    I can only reiterate, that from all the grows I have done, since 1967, I can confirm that MJ responds best to liquid organic ferts. Solid sticks of chemical derived from an industrial site is the WORST thing you can do.
  7. hmm, i dont recall saying that.:rolleyes: i just asked if they were any good, and if i had a good number of negative responses clearly i wouldn't have used them. your the only one who said there bad, and sorry, but im not going to go by one persons opinion.
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    You didn´t get just an opinion, you have been told the result of my experience.
    Two other people only have contributed to this thread so far - grumpybear was noncommittal, greenmeany said he believed MJ like liquid ferts best, concurring with me.
    OK, go on, use them, burn your roots - your f***ing plants. Don´t say you weren´t warned. I have just given you my best advice, is all I can do.
  9. Ah Cantharis, ever playing the bastard, I like that in a guy. ++rep
  10. Gotta tell ya friend, if cantharis says don't do it, I sure as hell would listen to him.
  11. well, if you guys feel that strongly about them, ill take them out and give my ladies some water to get all the bad shit out.
  12. the stuff your using is referred to as a root burner/ african plant killer, not really but its a dry fert like everyone said.. when the product only list one plant to be used read the GA
  13. speaking of african violet i just bought a bottle from the store and was planning on using it one my girl shes still in veg.


    and its not dry fertilizer its a liquid

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