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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. well..getting a job....*sob*....that does drug testing...*sob*....*sob* not smokin anymore.....for a while.....long long time............dont know how long, but i can do it..i will most certainly not leave the city tho, cuz i will always be a blade at heart.....FUCK this sucks........its a good job tho......
  2. get ready mom usues it all the time and she works in the medical feild
  3. i dont have the money to buy it, hence the job needing, also, i do not have a clue as to where to get headshops or anything of that nature anywhere around here
  4. dude just drink tons of cranberry juice, take vitamins, and exercise everyday.. youll pass in like a week
  5. HEY NAM!!! IM in the *same boat!! I no longer can smoke..job purposes! I dunno..its been about 3 days now and damn...whats that real faint buzzing sound? does anyone else hear it? ...i gotta get some advil..I gotta headache..but anyway, I know what your going through. Ill be a posting blade forever though!!

  6. Norman, If I can find a flushing agent here I know you can find it. Any vitamin, health-nut stores carry drug-testing products. Even the GNC store at the mall sells drug-testing/flushing stuff. Its right behind the creatine and the steroid stuff.
  7. Awwww, Normsy Poo! Man, don't you just hate that they test for THC, IT'S WRONG! WRONG, I SAY!!!!!!

    But as long as you are still here, high or not, I'm happy. I'll just smoke an extra bowl for you when I come to The City! That way, I'll be twice as high. I am so on the winning side of this. Sorry, Norm!

    A Blade at Heart....I like that! ;)
  8. yeah, the guy i know has got to talk to his boss tomorrow to find some other stuff out...but as far as i know i still have til tuesday to get clean.....on another note, i made something up after debating an our about spiritual went something like this

    whats to say that what you believe is right, and whats to say what i believe is dead wrong, i think that spirituality/religion are opinions, much like taste, if someone likes one food, and the other person doesnt, whats to say they are wrong, my soul just has different taste buds than yours.

    they didnt badger me too much more after that.
  9. "A job is a fine thing if it does'nt take up too much of your spare time."
  10. well, come to find out, they dont need this spot filled anymore, but, to get one of these other two jobs im lookin at, i still have to be clean, so, damnit, still no smoke..
  11. Be patient my son, for whence thou do returnth to the state of toxicity with thine pipe or joint, the fair maiden known as Mary of Jane shall HUMP YOUR LEG LIKE A MISSISIPPI LEG HOUND!

    That's what I like most about the herb. When it ain't doin it for me that well, a little abstentia, and it's like I'm in high school again. Which means I can't remember shit cause I was pretty stoned all thru high school. I kinda tend to take things too literally sometimes.

  12. LMMFAOTICB..HAHAHAHA......HAHAHAHAHA.......HAHAHAHA, THATS THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD, i have already observed this from a mere week or so off :S....lmfao..hahaha...great o man, i do need a job tho :S

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