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  1. I work in a casino in a management position. I am so "establishment" you wouldn't believe I smoke at all! (Which is exactly why I need to smoke when I get home!) I wear black business suits and glasses and kinda look like a librarian LAUGH!!!

    My most common saying is "Uh Oh........"
  2. What a dink I am!!!!!!

    This was supposed to be attached to the thread "what kind of job do you have", not a new thread of its own!

    Sorry guys

    Peace and love
  3. lol that's funny :) are you in vegas? next time i go i'll bring some calibudz, and be lookin out for ya after you finish your shift! that has got to be a tough job.

    i myself, finally confided into a coworker that i smoke. she was 100% surprised and shocked, but turns out her husband is a huge pothead too, lol! i also found out that this dude who's always grumpin around about how he thinks his daughter is smoking pot in his truck because he can SMELL it, just confided to me he has a half a pound of weed stashed away for personal use at all times! i guess sometimes, you just never know.


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