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JOB Vs. Zig Zag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CoreFlux, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, so I've always rolled my joints with zig zags from gas stations unless I could get ahold of some RAW's (unf). But anyways, lol, a lot of my friends have been using JOB papers, and of course I've seen them before but I never gave them any thought. Well I've seen them in my local gas station and am gonna buy a new pack of papers, so I want to know what you guys think is better?
    anyone who's used both? What does JOB burn like? Does JOB have less of a paper taste than Zig Zags (I hate that taste)?

    Oh, and for those people who use all sorts of the JOB papers, could you guys tell me if I should get the French Light's or just normal ones that'd be nice.

    Anyways, thanks for reading, I'd really love all of your input everyone!
  2. I don't really care about the brand when I roll. When I go to my headshop I always buy 2-3 packs of raws. But other than that I stick to the zags.
  3. Im the same way i like zig zags or Raws but ive also tried JOBs. If i had to compare rolling papers to soda (lol) i would say Zig Zags and JOBs are like Coke and Pepsi. just a few subtle differences but overall the same thing. And then you have Raw papers the Mountain Dew of rolling papers haha
  4. JOB I like better than zig zags, but still its JOB < RAW. I mean dude JOB is 99 cents, if you're on your way to the beach or like a family reunion ,and me being the typical forgetfull stoner forget the papers, it cant be beat for the price. Its been a life saver so many times I cant count lol, in my state before the whole medical thing came around it was still decriminalized but paraphernalia on the other hand wasnt at all, so stopping at the gas station on the way to where youre going an grabbing JOB for 99 cents is a life saver.Because then I can just toss them when I'm done.At the time if I would have been caught with dope its just an infraction, but if I have smoking paraphernalia near my dope I was going to jail.
  5. I dont even fuck with JOB and zags anymore, once I tried RAW I fell in love and now I dont roll with anything else

  6. Yeah, Raw's are the best papers out there. But I don't live near a head shop so I have to choose, lol. So which do you like better of the two?
  7. Well if I had to pick I'd probly go with zig zags, thats what i always used before i found RAW. I feel like JOB has too uneven of a burn and kinda burn quick, just my preference.
  8. papers are papers.... its all really a preference some maybe easier to roll then others but ive never noticed a burning difference in any of my own rolls using different papers

    the only difference if you have a decent roll would be the taste because of the papers... maybe some burn slower then others but who the hell is actually going to be able to notice the whole 0.001 second burn rate per second faster..

    ahha... either way id hit up a smoke shop that way you can find even more papers so you can find one that YOU WANT no just one you think may be usefull...

    its like everything else... an opinion... find which one you like and go wid da flow man

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