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Job Request...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Whats up my fellow tokers,
    i'm just wondering what everyones job is because i'm at that point of my life where high school is coming to an end and soon i have to make up my mind on what career i will choose. I love smoking and notice alot of jobs take marijuana smoking seriously (if not all of them!) so if everyone could give me advice i would appeciate it! Thanks!
  2. I'm a freelance health-worker pretty well. I get to decide my own sceduals and haven't been up before noon for over a year
  3. im gonna be a chef or a comp tech both normaly make lots of money

  4. damn.. those were the two professions i'm struggling between. wierd.
  5. hey man, have you considered web development or web design.. im in my last semester of highschool and plan on having too fully developed websites made with affiliate programs to make some cash, all before im out of grade 12..
    i want to make it soo I never work off a schedule and i make all the cash i want with the amount of effort i put into something.. basically I plan on siting around all day smoking joints and workin on websites... plus i want to get into digital video editing....
  6. Have you considered being your own personal drug tester?
  7. im a video game tester, no joke. I get payed 12/hr at my current job. If your gonna be a stoner and ya dont feel like gettin a real job right now then video game testin is a good way to go, i mean its still a job so it still sucks but compared to other jobs out there its pretty easy and laid back....unfortunitly most game testing jobs are in california since thats where all the big game companies are located, so if you dont live in california you proally aint gonna find a game testin job.

    edit: oh yeah since your bout to end highschool, best advice i can give you is go to college. Being out of highschool for about 4-5 yrs now im finally starting to see why people say you need to go to college, alot of good paying jobs out there wont even read your resume if you havent gone to college...........hardly anyone jumps straight into their buisness career straight out of highschool, so dont even worry bout that shit right now. Go to college find somethin you like and then get a degree for it. You still got a good 8-9 yrs before you have to really get a career type job.
  8. Im gunna take over the family business Autobody no drug test for that.

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