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  1. below is am email i received this morning. It seems legit, but also too good to be true. What do you guys think?

    Crafting Direct Ltd
    Griffin House
    40 Lever Street
    M60 6ES,
    United Kingdom

    Dear Applicant,

    We received your application for the job posted on Craigslist website. Thank you for your interest in a position with Crafting Direct Ltd. Our HR managers have gone through your resume and you have been short listed for the offer pending final approval. Your reference number is A116.

    Crafting Direct Ltd is a trading style of J D Williams & Company Limited, the UK's leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands. Our catalogues offer a huge selection of Art, Educational materials, clothing and other products for all ages and sizes. All our clothes are designed to provide the best fit at the best value, and we are specialists in the area of larger size womenswear.

    The company was founded in 1875 by James David Williams, who in 1882 was the first to make use of the UK 's parcel post service, to send his company's products direct to his customers.. The formula of providing quality, fashionable, value for money clothing direct to customers proved increasingly popular towards the latter end of the 20th Century and J D Williams enjoyed significant growth. This continuing growth has ensured J D Williams is the most successful direct home shopping company in the UK today, with over 2 million customers and 4,000 employees. For more information about us, please visit

    Our Mission
    We are expanding to the United States, so we want to reach out to people in the United States and advertise our new product by distributing the company's catalogs to individual, offices, private and public places.
    Successful candidates will work either weekdays or weekends depending on choice and get paid weekly

    Job Description

    * Receive 300 product catalogs from the company every week
    * Buy USPS stamps from the post office
    * Affix stamps on enveloped and addressed catalogs
    * Send out the catalogs to our clients through regular mail
    * Work two days a week.

    The working days and time are flexible Your Responsibilities

    * You must be efficient
    * Applicant must be self motivated
    * Catalogs received each week must be sent out same week


    You will be paid $450 per week.

    At this time, we will like to know how often you get on the internet because our job requires much checking of your email.

    Await your immediate response


    John Nieves
    Personnel Manager
    Crafting Direct Ltd
    Company Reg Number: 178367
    VAT Reg Number: 148 8796 03

  2. seems legit. Did you apply there from craiglist?

    should talk to your parents about this.
  3. Yeah i applied of craigslist. I was going to talk to my dad about it, but they both work and im the only one home every day haha
  4. All I'm going say is just wait till one of them get home and talk about it. Parents knows the most about applying jobs. It seems legit to me.
  5. for some reason my dad actually just got home haha. I showed him it and he doesnt think its real.

    he says, if all they are doing is mailing you catalogs, and your supposed to mail them to people and you get paid for it, why cant they just mail out the catalogs themselves.

    which kinda does make sense.
  6. looks too good to me, if its real then thats a lucky find man.
  7. Do you have to give this company money for anything? Ex. Buy the magazines. I dunno i could see this going either way. Talk to your parents or something. Also if you do have to buy something to get started then only invest as much money as you are willing to lose just in case. I don't want to scare you away from this job though. If its legit that sounds amazing.
  8. Yeah i see what you guys are saying.

    Im hoping this isnt some pyramid scam or anything.

    If this job is legit thats so fuckin sick. 450 a week just to fuckin mail some shit out. man haha.

    Well, lets hope this shits real, if it is. all my local blades can expect a blunt.
  9. Despite the fact that the website looks legit, the money seems way too freakin good.

    Something's fishy.

    You have to put 300 stamps on 300 catalogs in a week, and they're giving you $450 for this? If I could do this five times per minute -- one stamp every 12 seconds seems reasonable -- I'd be done in one hour. That's worth $450 to them? I don't buy it.

    Why does an hour of work take two days/week? And why do you need to check e-mail so often if they're mailing you pre-addressed catalogs?

    Oh, it's unclear if you're paying the postage for this... if so, I'd check the weight of those catalogs and adjust this math first. (Maybe postage is close to $1.50 each, at which point you're not making any money.)

    Ah, I just looked it up -- it's a scam:

  10. That what I thought too. but... see, talking to parents will save your life. ;)
  11. Thanks for that link man, is awesome.
  12. god damn, oh well. Easy come easy go.......back to craigslist.

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