Job Interview Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KoopaKing, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. At a famous line of sandwich shops(Subway). Wish me luck blades!:smoke:
  2. Good luck! the bread is always burnt at the one i go to, still tasty though.
  3. good luck bro, wish i could get a job

    i can never seem to get one
  4. Good luck I'm currently searching for a job also.
  5. good luck man.
    i have a job interview in eight hours :O

  6. Good luck to both of ya's:wave::smoke:
  7. Good luck to all:smoke:
  8. Get that job get that job!!!
  9. good luck man.. I',m about to go job hunting when I get moved into my new pad.
  10. I have a job interview on thurs and friday. One of them seems extremely professional and I doubt I'll get the job though hahah
  11. everyone is always so pumped and nervous for a job interview and usually they'll get it at a minimum paying job and then about 1 to 2 months later they'll be complaining about having to go to work or how shitty a job is. it's hilarious, but anyways good luck in your interview amigo.
  12. ya fuck a job ya feel me :cool: just kidding i would love a job
  13. Good luck I predict your hired!
  14. hope ya get it bro
  15. Good luck mane
    There puttin in a new subway at my nearest Kangaroo Expresss:smoke:
  16. I appreciate the support everyone! Now I am off to get ready for it! Peace GC
  17. Niceeeee dude, you and some other guy just posted about getting jobs within the same minute of eachother. GC members are having a productive day!

  18. I said you would be hired.:smoke:
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