Job interview tomorow

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  1. im not sure if this would be put into general or real life stories...but anyway guys i have a job interview tomorow, and i really hope it goes well so i can start banking some cash, and of course end my weed break.
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    Good luck! Interviews suck. You have to be so cheesy and fake a.k.a "professional" as they call it. It's so painful to just put that syrupy bullshit smile on and kiss ass for twenty minutes. An interview is more like test to see who is most willing to brown nose, but we all have to do them.

    I think you should be judging your boss based on how cool she is about giving the interview. Some people get that authority complex where you can tell they get some sick rush out of having status over you.

    Ha, someone called me for a mall security job today. I really need the money, but I'm just not sure if the humiliation of being a female mall cop is worth it. Who the hell would respect me honestly, lol. You could just punch me in the face and I'm out.
  3. im sure itll be cool :bongin:
  4. I'd let you search me.
  5. Thanks guys. It shouldnt be that bad, given its for a car classifides magizine. as for being a female mall cop, you technically would have get punched the other persons goin to the precient for assult. but if you do get weed related "disturbances" you could be mad chill

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