job interview in a few mins wish me luck!

Discussion in 'General' started by sativa syborg, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. been putting out good vibes for a while.. hope it was enough!!!

    wish me luck!!

    and of course good morning/good vibes to all you other heads out there~!:hello:
  2. Word me to in a couple hours
  3. Good luck man, let us know how it goes. :bongin:
  4. Goodluck dude
  5. May the winds of jah blow bong hits of fortune your way
  6. Hope you get the job my friend.
  7. thanks everybody, got interview round 2 at 2pm :)

    looks like i pretty much got it, as the second interview from what i hear is orientation/scheduling!
  8. Thats excellent news man.Reallt hoping you get it.
  9. Good luck I know how it is with job interviews, Iv'e only been too one where they didn't hire me and that was in the beginning of the recession.
  10. How do you survive?
  11. [quote name='"Hiiiibbbb"']
    How do you survive?[/quote]

    You don't need to interview to stand on a street corner.

    Ahahhahaha I keeed I keeeeed
  12. Good luck dude, the process of job searching is grueling and aweful, hopefully it ends here for you bro

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