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Job Interview for Babies"R"Us...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DopeImean, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. :wave:

    Sup blades, im wondering if Babies 'R' Us drug tests? I smoke the last couple of days and my interveiw is this Friday. :(

    Any clue?:confused:
  2. I don't know why but the idea of a stoner working at babies r us seems fucking hilarious to me.
  3. "Yo girl we got all yo breast pump needs...holla!"
  4. I'd assume they'd have a bunch of parents with crying babies in the store. There would be no way I could handle that shit without some serious narcotics.
  5. Fuck yeah, get on those single MILFs on your shifts bro!
  6. most chain and retail places like that will do a mouth swab or possibly pee test, i think they get some kind of subsidy or comply with some government regulation by agreeing to drug test employees. they have to formally offer you a position in order to drug test you im pretty sure, though this is from what i can remember and in CA.
  7. it would say on the application that you filled out if they do. they would say if they have a drug testing policy they cant just spring it on you
  8. you can always apply, they will have to ask you in the application if you accept to take a drug test, just say yes and if they ask you to take one later on say you got a job NO BIG DEAL
  9. Okay thanks for the replies bros. :smoke:
    There was no mention of drug testing in the application. That does not mean im entirely home free but im getting a good feeling from the lack of drug testing that goes on at Toys 'R' Us.

    If I can land this job...omg...I can't think of a better way to talk to so many ladies. :D:devious::hello:
  10. ladies with babies!
  11. no they dont drugtest my friend just got a job there
  12. Go with the classic "so, is it true being pregnant make you more horny?"
  13. that job would make me blaze
  14. Great job choice.... Milfs all over that bitch!

    Also, I'd recommend the best dilution method.

    -Vitamin b12

    Drink shit tons of water... like incredibly unnecessary amounts. Then on the day of your test about 3-5 hours before your test, take a small handful of b12 pills(6-7 pills)... Don't worry the toxicity on these is very high(You could safely take the whole bottle and the only result would be a few massive bowel movements) The point of the b12 is it darkens the color of your urine which is one of the tests. Next you should also take a few creatine pills... you can find them at GNC or any other supplement store. Creatine is another test they use, it comes from protein rich foods like meats and stuff like that... So have a 24 oz t bone steak for every meal for the week before the test, or take a few creatine caps in the morning.

    This covers all the most important parts of the test. You would pass if you did all this.

    Should also experiment with different dosages of b12 to dial in the color perfectly, as for the creatine, the more the merrier. Though it has no known lethal dosage, it can still cause sever side effects such as Cramps and muscle spasms, Kidney and liver problems, and Agression and sudden mood changes. Every single one of those side effects is caused by dehydration.... So it wont' be a problem if you follow this method

    Good luck.
  15. When you fill out an application you, and they drug test, you'll usually have to say you're ok with a pre employment drug screen.
  16. They do drop you your'e around moms and babies its pretty obvious no one wants a stoner near their kids. Theres a shopping mall by my house and I applied there but was hired elsewhere.
  17. i seriously lol'd when i saw the title of this thread
  18. Be careful around those MILFs. You already know that they're breeders!
  19. Will do man! Just think about it tho. Ladies love to shop, and they would love to buy stuff for their future mother friends.

    It's a Win Win Win. :D:smoke:

    AND NOW I CAN PAY FOR BUD.:eek: So excited, haha thanks yall.

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