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Job Interview Drug Testing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rookiesmoker21, Aug 6, 2013.

  1.           So I'm trying to get a job as a receptionist at a fairly wealthy church. My sister works there so she was able to put in a good word for me. Earlier today the Employer called me and asked if I could come in for an interview Wednesday (2 days from now). I had just smoked maybe 2 hours before she called. I have no idea whether or not I will be drug tested, and I have no idea whether it would be a urine or saliva test.
    Basically, I'm sketching out right now, because if I get tested, not only do I think I will fail it and lose the job, but then my sister would look bad for recommending me, and I'd rather she didn't know that I smoke anyway.
             Soooo.... My questions are, what are the chances that I will be drug tested, will it likely be urine or saliva testing, and how could I pass that test?
    Thankyou for your time and responses.

  2. Salvia test are jokes. I have buddies that smoke hours before it and still pass haha.

    Urine, just buy synthetic urine its like $40.
  3. Okay thats good news, 
    Okay so that is good to hear, where could I buy synthetic urine at within 2 days? Also do you have any idea on which would be more likely/ if I am likely to get tested at all?
    Thanks again for your time
  4. If you get tested its probably urine. Your local head shop should carry synthetic urine.
    And they aren't gonna test you when you go for the interview, so you probably have a week to get it if your head shop doesn't carry it.
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    Like the guy above me said, it will most likely be a piss test (if they test at all) and I highly doubt they'll test you the same day as the interview.
    This is definitely good to hear, still, sorry to keep asking, but does anyone have any idea how likely a drug test really is, not necessarily the day of the interview, just at all. Again, its for a part time Receptionist job (only around 10 hours/week) at a wealthy church. Thanks once again.
    Hard to tell as every employer is different. You could always ask your sister........but if you don't want her to know you smoke I guess that isn't really an option.
  8. Highly doubtful they'll test. Those church folks are too trusting and if your sister is already in then you're probably fine!
  9. First of if you lose the job, tell them to donate some money with there rich ass's! What would jesus do? 2nd saliva test is easily passed by gargling very well with mouth wash just before you go into the interview or drug test if they tell you its coming. Just keep it handy. By the way, was your sister drug tested? If she wasn't then I would think the chances of you being tested is low. If she was then id be ready for it. Look for a drink called cherry XXL by urineluck. Its pricy but I have passed with it. The longer you go without smoking the better with these drinks. If you do fail and lose the job, tell them to not be hypocrites. The claim to have faith in in the bible. I know for a fact there is a verse in there that says all plants on earth are placed there for man to consume. Not an exact quote but something to that affect. Im Agnostic in case you were wondering lol Good luck!!
    Thanks for your input. I have no idea if she was tested or not though, she has been working there for quite a while now on a full time job. For the record I'm not religious, but that won't keep me from a pretty decent part time job!
  11. I would ask her lol Or do you not want her to know you are worried about it? If she wasn't then I wouldn't worry to much.
  12.  I'd rather she not know that I'm worried about it as that would make her think I smoke!  :hide:
  13. I just had a thought. You are better off with the synthetic urine. The drink is best for court,parole and probation situations where you would be watched. But since its a job you wont be watched. Altho if its a lab test, you might be better off with the drink.
  14. ok I figured that was why you didn't know if she was tested.
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    [quote name="MIKE88" post="18466155" timestamp="1375751753"]I just had a thought. You are better off with the synthetic urine. The drink is best for court,parole and probation situations where you would be watched. But since its a job you wont be watched. Altho if its a lab test, you might be better off with the drink.[/quote]Uh negative. It'll pass lab test just fine. Maybe not for a government job or something extreme like that. Besides, what do those drinks truly do to your system to make it so you piss clean?I agree drinks are the best if you're gonna drop with someone watching.
  16. A real lab test will check if the sample is male or female urine. When has you seen synthetic that is marked for male or female? I haven't. But hey maybe you know something I don't. The best option for a job that has worked for me was washing out a condom and getting a cup full of my little brothers piss. Throw it in some hot water to maintain temp. Then strap it to my leg. Unfortunately they have followed in my footsteps and love bud now too. :D  No worries. Ill just have them tend to my future garden in a few months.
  17. If i remember correctly, The drink will jel up in your intestines and what not. Blocking the drug from entering all water you will be drinking after the drink. A good quality drink will keep you pissing yellow. Been up for over 30 hours straight. Not trying to research and get to technical right now lol. It works more or less the way I described it. I threw up the total detox xxl from urineluck a few years ago about 5 minutes after I drank it and it looked like jello lol
  18. Relax - you have to get the job first, then they will tell you if you need to test or not.  If you have been smoking everyday, then you'll have to figure it out, but if you only smoke occasionally you might be ok if you drink plenty of fluids before the test.
  19. Nope. They all say "unisex" so I'm assuming common labs don't test male or female.
    The final conclusion I came to was the government or whoever handles the test probably came up with ways to beat it just to make money off people that do drugs but still need jobs.
    I mean shit, why shouldn't uncle same make $40 off you to pass a drug test and then collect taxes on you? Sounds like a win/win for them.

    Urineluck was the first synthetic I picked up and the gf actually used that and passed. Then I picked up agent X and that worked fine.

    Turns to a jello like substance in your stomach, yummy. I'll go around and recommend that to lots of people :rolleyes:

    Oh and hey bud, I wouldn't recommend the condom trick to someone. Not if they can afford somethin anyway.

    I mean, condoms break and one wrong move could make it look like you pissed yourself and there goes your clean piss too haha would be fucking funny to see happen to someone though.
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