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  1. Hey blades,
    so i got an interview at chipotle a couple days ago. It was a group interview and i felt like I did great. I noticed the manager putting notches next to the names of people. Some got none, some got one, but i was the only one to get two. I always talked first and knew more than anyone about the company. That was on monday. After the interview she told us all that she would call in 24-48 hours. It is now wednesday and i received an email stating that i have an interview tomorrow at 3pm. So my confusion is this. The first interview i got was an email. This second interview email is word for word exactly the same. It is clearly automated. The only change is the time and date of the interview and one more thing. In the first email, after sincerely, there was only the name of the woman who interviewed us. On this second interview email there is the name of the woman who interviewed us and a new name. Im wondering if this is an email sent to me by mistake or just laziness on their part. They said they would call and i instead got this email. If you guys have any thoughts let me know. I'm stressed and really need this job.
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    Go to the second interview as directed in the second email.
    Print it out and bring it with you.
    Nail the second interview, get the job.
    .. oh, and please bring me back a burrito..
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  3. ^

    Automation is smart. Hiring takes up far to much time.
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  4. Really?
  5. Well an update here. It was legitimate. Another "group" interview. 2 people aside from me who were also on their second interview. I think i nailed it again but i dont know. I spoke first, knew the most about the company again, and was generally really friendly with the interviewers and other applicants. I really hope i get the job but ive been looking it up and have found that i might get a 3rd interview if no rejection comes.

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