Job interview advice (guitar center)

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  1. got an interview tomorrow - the people know me pretty well, so i'm not too worried

    i'm wondering a couple things

    how should i dress, especially seeing as guitar center is pretty informal?
    what are some general guitar and amp things i should know for the interview? I know most the things, but i dont wanna stumble over a question with an easy answer. i assume they'll ask things like tube vs solid state, double humbucker vs coil, types of wood (i know w/ acoustic spruce is brighter - w/ electric i'm not too sure - i feel on necks there isn't much difference other than ascetics), neck types, analog vs digi pedals/true bypass. anything else anyone can think of? it's my first job interview and i've never worked commission so i'm not sure what questions they may ask there. really wanna get this job so just lookin for any basic advice. they don't require it but i'm going to bring a resume anyways
  2. I was just in guitar center today bro.

    Uhm, it depends first off what position you are trying to apply for and shit like that.

    Of course its important to have a basic knowledge of stuff like amps, wood, and really they are just looking for overall experience and someone who knows their stuff.

    How long have you been working with instruments and music? Also, just wear a nice pair of Khakis and a polo or something. Dont wear a tie, thats over the top, but just dress for success (thats what my teachers say lol)

  3. Resume? you've never had a job Lol, but I know what your saying. Do you play an instrument? because I feel like most musicians would know nearly everything you need to know at guitar center. So, you'll probably be fine if you have a gerneral sense

  4. lol, i've had 5 jobs, just never needed a resume - i made one anyways for the interview. i'm interviewing for guitar salesman, am incredibly knowledgeable with musical equipment (which is what scares me, as most employees are morons), have been playing multiple instruments, recording and setting up live shows for 8 years
  5. Bust out a guitar solo. But not any solo, this must be a pure display of guitar wizardry so amazing that all the chicks in the store just rip the clothes off of eachother because they cant handle the shred.

    The boss will be stoked that you are lord of the strings and that whenever your working all the chicks get naked, youll get the job forsure
  6. um, I think your good. Just dress decently, speak clearly and steadily, and be friendly. Show them who their customers will be dealing with ;)
  7. thanks everyone -

    do you think khakis are necessary? I have very nice, almost formal (business casual?) jeans that i could wear with a button up and nice clarke dress shoes - i'd rather not go out and buy a pair of pants unless completely necessary (i know they aren't required for dress code... they wear ripped jeans, etc)

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