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    I need ideas for a first job. I dont really need to worry about drug tests or smoke breaks. I guess I just want a job where people I know from school wont see me. I also have a thmall thpeach impediment so I dont want to have to talk too much :p
    Any ideas are appreciated and I dont need it to have any drug ties.

  2. work in fast food, any fast food place like McDonalds or whatever.
    all u have to do is be a kitchenhand and all u do is make burgers and prepare food, plus they usually have a storage room where u can hide out if anyone u know from school comes in.
    its pretty easy work but it doesnt pay much, if ur there for a long time u get a pay increase though.
  3. I hear fast food sucks, but here up north the fast food is crazy, paying something like 12-15 bucks an hour
  4. depends on what part of the north, lol at 12 an hour
  5. you'll be lucky to get 10
  6. you live in Nd?
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  7. if its your first job since leaving school u dont have much choice, all jobs that hire people that have recently left school or is their first job will not pay much
  8. I do live in nd
    lucky guess or what?
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    first rapper out of north dakota with a speech impediment 
    now thats a story
  10. Hell yeah :p
  11. You're still in school.
    Do a general job search (on google or your choice of site) for entry level positions. Read 'em through. If it looks interesting, apply for it. You're young and still figuring out what it is you like. Don't pigeonhole yourself into fast food, 'cause no doubt you can do better. If you were here in the top end of Australia, I'd tell you to come out for a day and try your hand at landscaping.
  12. grow marijuana
    haha i was gonna suggest landscaping.
  14. First job was a cashier at a local grocery store. I didn't have to say much except for "Hi how are you, find everything alright? Thanks, come again". I occasionally saw people from school but not too often, unless someone from your school already works there.

    If you're really trying to avoid people, shoot for being a cook somewhere, or maybe a dishwasher or a busboy. Pretty much the fast food/restaurant business.

    Most jobs for kids in school suck to be honest, like most won't pay much above minimum wage, if that.
  15. Stocking grocery store shelfs didnt sound too bad. Anyone vouch for that?
  16. Are you still in high school? I'd say factory (that was my first job), but not if you haven't graduated yet. 
    I think stocking shelves is a good option. I'd opt for 3rd shift (though I'm assuming most shelf-stocking jobs will be either 2nd or 3rd). I always go grocery shopping at midnight or later, and it seems like a chill job. A shitty job, but a chill one. 
  17. I work at subway on tuesdays i open/truck meabing i get all the new shipments an stock/ rotate. way better then dealing with customer service an when its just you working time flies

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  18. XD made me LOL.

    Table game dealer at a Casino is out. Are there any farms in your area?
  19. Im not doing farm work. All the farm owners are annoying rednecks prettymuch.

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