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Discussion in 'General' started by CircuitKid, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Ya....Its time for a job again. Ive been burning through all of my money lately, and its definatly time for a new job. Im looking for anything thats easy to get, kinda fun (well not too bad, but a good job), gets medium pay (looking for 8:50+ an hour), flexible, and just overall a good easy job. Ive only had 1 job in the past so nothing way to serious. Any ideas just for a small job? All input is appreciated.

  2. My first job was at a store in the mall. William and Sonoma. I love cooking, so it fit me really well. I liked retail- theres something you can do. You can be a waiter. A host. It depends on how many hours your looking for. You can get a job as a receptionist and earn 13+ (depending on where you are of course) but its may be more hours than you want to commit. If you are looking for a small job i'd say retail or something like it- working at the movie theater, ice skating rink, ice cream parlor..... get a job at your local head shop!!!! Pet store?? Pizza delivery?? You get the idea. :smoking:
  3. Deliver pizzas.

    Best stoner job ever. This is coming directly from the horse's mouth.

    But you need a good car.
  4. lexus what do you mean by a "good car"?
  5. How would be the best way about gettin the receptionist job?
  6. Blaze, unless your a good looking female, good luck getting a receptionest (sp?) job. I also am looking for a job. I have a decent car so I could deliver pizzas, but my town is small and there isn't much for jobs around here. I need to move out of this town, grr.

  7. Hahah yeah thats what I was thinking, but 13 dollars an hour isnt too shabby around here by any means.
  8. Go throught your resume and make the things in your previous experience descriptions sound more elegant and geared towards good customer service and all around dependability.
    If you've ever suggested anything to a previous boss about how to do something better, even if its really small like a short cut in some procedure or something... you can say you, "helped implement a time saving procedure that increased overall production by XXX% and in turn saved the company time and money".

    If you've ever helped a customer or answered the phone for a sales call or the like, "Assisted customers while maintaining high quality control standards and met/exceeded all company expectations in terms of call volume and length."

    If you've walked an inch, you can make it sound like you ran a mile.

    Just be ready to give a good interview. First impressions are everything.
  9. Colonel, you are the MAN! I never even though about doing this, too bad I haven't had any previous jobs. I'm just a lazy basterd who needs a job to support my weed smoking habits. I think I'll go apply at Hudson's.

  10. work at Hooters, its the workers paradise, believe me.
  11. Harsshhh, I may be overweight, but I'm not that fat. lol. :rolleyes:

  12. Let me elaborate on what I was saying. If you are confident in yourself it is a snatch to get a job that you have no experience in. This has to do with recpetionist position, or something like that- like an admin. or paralegal. AGAIN, I am assuming you would be able to work a part time job regularly- like 20-25 hours a week. You MIGHT be able to find a job along those lines for less than those hours. ANYWAYS- make a resume. As TheColonel said- elaborate on things you did at your last job, that would sound impressive- and put those down. A resume should make the person want to hire you right away, too many people have so so resumes. It doesnt need to be HUGE, just impressive as in, word usage and layout. I walked into a job interview for a paralegal position, I am still in college- and the only experience I had in the legal field was a business law class, the fact I was pursuing a legal major, and my time as a receptionist at another law office. Because I was confident in myself, and my resume was well done I got offered the job on the spot. I was later complimented by my boss, and told that was the main reason I was hired- my confidence and professionalism was signs I would learn quickly- cause obviously she knew I had not a clue what to do once I got the job.. SO in order to get a professional job- be CONFIDENT and have an AWSOME resume!!!

    I would suggest going to an head hunter..aka a temp agency. You tell them what you want- they find it. Easy as that. Good thing about temp agencies are that they put people in positions for only part time, and not permaneant, meaning if you have to leave then leave. ITS REALLY GOOD for college students because if you end up moving or such, you can. Most temp. agency will give you a test on the computer, having to do with word and stuff. easy peasy. Then they send you on assignments to different companies- you can go to just one, and stay there- or go back and forth.

    With the drug testing, usually they don't do it. The temp agency I went through awhile ago had a sheet that I could presign about approving drug testing if they wanted it. Because I didnt sign it they would have to tell me before I went to the company if they would drug test. So thats got you covered there.

    If I can be of any help to you, please dont hesitate. Brush up your resume, and go through a temp agency OR go job surfing yourself. and are both two really good places to find employment. You can upload your resume to: and fax you resume to these places via the website. Its pretty cool. Just get your resume out there, send it to any position you are interested, even if you think you are under qualified. It always pays off.

    I like doing this kinda thing... i dunno why. :smoke: hope it helped.
  13. Yeah, I need a new job too. I just quit.

  14. to work at a local headsop would be totally badass!!!!!
  15. wow thank you all so much for the advice, Especially Colonel.

    Ya a pizza delivery job would be pretty tight just crusing around baked listening to some good tunes. Thanks all. Unfortunatly all headshops are like 45mins away and not looking to go that far. Thanks everyone tho +rep for all advice.
  16. so im currently filling out a app for a job at a gas station...does anyone know if they drug test? im waiting for a pizza delivery position to open up
  17. YES
  18. restraunt as a busser.. disher.. janitor guy.. or server.. best jobs for stoners

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