Job hiring process question.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBigBadaBoom, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Sups guys,

    Finally got a real job after a year and half of the retail life after college. Anyway, the job offer was contingent upon a background check which I passed. I've already been cleared to start my first day on the 24th.

    Throughout the whole hiring process, there has been zero mention of a drug test. You guys think I'm good to start toking again or should I just wait it out until I'm settled into the job?

    I've already been clean a month now so I was considering just taking a small hit before bed and stopping again.

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  2. give it a little time, maybe ask your coworkers if they have been tested.
  3. you should wait until you know what the routine is 
  4. Yeah I'm just gonna wait. I don't even know anyone at the company to ask yet so my best bet is just wait it out.

    Currently on an all-time no smoking streak (well over a month) because of this job. I can't complain though since its a good opportunity and I don't have to work at a damn mall anymore w my degree.

    It's a corporate job so I imagined the DT was inevitable.

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  5. What bear said. What's a few more weeks! Look how long you've waited so far, you can do it. Careful who you ask though.
  6. Wait it out man. Better safe than sorry.
  7. got my employee handbook today. specifically states drug use/sales are prohibited on company property. Nothing about being tested. That being said Im still prob gonna wait it out.

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