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Discussion in 'General' started by patriot, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. Yesterday, I went to a local job fair. I really hate those things because corporate Amerikka is sickening, but a friend wanted me to go. Before we got in the door, there was a motor home parked outside with corporate writing all over it advertising "screening" for job applicants which included fingerprinting, criminal records, credit histories, and of course, drug testing. The same company also had a booth inside the fair. I went to the person at the table and told him that people like him make it hard for others to work. His response was, "We don't make the decisions. We just provide the information." I replied, "We don't give the orders. We just throw the Jews in the ovens." He didn't like me very much after that, but if the swastika fits, you have to wear it.
  2. Way to go in your reply patriot!
    I was drugtested for the job I have now. I never will be @ this job again, and at the time I was on a smoke hiatus so I luckily passed..
    But am not anticipating a new job hunt, either for this exact reason. Nothing NOTHING in my work ethics or my job history would make me look bad. In fact every single job I've left offered me more $ to stay on, and the last one even tried to create a new position to give me a promotion (I left anyway).
    But I couldn't pass a test for shit, so I'm worried, and am more apt to stay at my current job because of it, which is going NOWHERE.

    So let me get this straight - this was a COMPANY whose sole job is to do background checks and drug tests for job openings in OTHER companies?

    Talk about a shitty job.
  3. nice analogy.... hits the center....
  4. Yes there are companies out there that do nothing but drug test for other companies. The company insurance is cheaper when you have them come in. I had them to come in one time and told all the guys in pleanty of time. Every one come back clean. It saved me lots of money on insurance and the employees liked the raise they got.

    Patriot you are rigth. it's just not right for it being this way.

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