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Discussion in 'General' started by antwanp, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if the Apple Retail Stores drug test or not? :confused: I'd really love to work there for the big discounts on the mac's and such. I'd like to think that Apple doesn't drug test since their history is pretty drug filled... ::cough:: Steve Jobs ::cough.

    Thanks for any info GC!

    -Antwan L.
  2. useful website:

    you can search for companies that drugtest. Apple is mentioned, but only Apple in Ireland. So... I'd assume that the US stores test too.
  3. LOL!! Were you looking at "Cork"? :D
  4. apple sounds like a company that would... but who know, maybe steve jobs tokes :p. go work for UPS man. i get a discount on dell, gateway, panasonic, cruises, hotels, flights, sprint, verizon, etc. etc. etc.
  5. no, if you click on the name of the company, it takes you to a page with more information... and on both of apple's entries, there was this
    I also realized i linked to the wrong page...
    try this one:
  6. haha. i went to the original site and was soooo lost lookin for the company page lol
  7. Oh... well, there's the confusion! I just assumed that when it said 'FL' under State that it was in Florida. Do they have states in Ireland?
  8. I think they have counties or something. ... yeah, research says: 4 regions divided into 32 counties (total, not each)

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