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  1. so since i retired ive been bored beyond belief so ive decided im going to go work somewhere with the kids of the nation... thinking somehwere like a grocery store or a fast food place.

    anybody know the percentage of places that drug test people they hire, either randomly or just an initial test.

    its not a must need job so if its too high ill just stay at home and waste time till my death in about 20 years
  2. Jobs like that don't really care about that. They know thekids they hire probably smoke. There may be an initial test but they only test after if you come to work high. I work with machinery and they only test you if you crash them. So ID say the chances are low except for that first test.
  3. It really depends on the place. Like alot of bigger companies will do drug tests, mostly pre-employment though. Smaller places usually wont. Theres a website (sorry i dont remember what its called) that has a list of all the places that drug test in different areas. That could help you alot. And when you apply places if they are going to drug test you, you have to sign a thing that says its ok.
  4. you sound like the most badass old man ever
  5. because i am

    thanks for the help guys, anyone else know anything?
  6. i know you need some eyedrops
  7. i wear sun glasses all the time since i cant find my normal eyeglasses

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