job as a cop?

Discussion in 'General' started by Colts, May 28, 2010.

  1. who wouldn't want to be a cop? legal immunity, get to carry a gun, impose the law(LOL). its like being a legal bully and getting paid for it.

    only problem. DT :p
  2. yea it soulnds like a good gig. i thought about it several times before. but if i was gonna be a cop i'd be like SWAT or somethin. not just some dougnut-muchin asshole trying to catch speeders all day. good luck ever somking weed again though.

  3. I'm confused as to what you mean by this.

    Cops who break the law still get punished. You don't get any immunity from the law just for being a cop. :confused:
  4. And have a lot of people hating you, wishing you were dead, trying to kill your ass. Sounds like a great job to me :D :rolleyes:
  5. They do get treated much better than a citizen. Its not immunity as much as it is manipulation of the justice system.

    And I can carry a gun around anyway. Why do I need to be a cop for that?
  6. I'd be one of those cool cops who lets people slide when it comes to weed.
  7. exactly. well I mean carry a gun in the open. i dont mean to say it like i would bully people(hypothetically). i would ignore people who are commiting "crimes" that aren't harming anyone. also you can slack on the job easily and chill at a donut shop while "patrolling" :devious:
  8. Can a cop have a mmj card? :eek:
  9. I wouldn't want to be a cop, everyone hates cops, seriously my uncles a
    pig and he told me if he had the choice all over again he would be a firefighter.. Everyone loves them, they actually do put there lifes at risk, cops say they so, I'm guessing that's just from all the fatty foods they eat tho
  10. Depending on your state. For some reason Texas isnt one of them...
  11. nope.

    well IF I were a cop i'd be relaxed about it. ignore minor bs, let ppl off if they speed and sober, but its true everyone hates em

  12. Quoted for the truth.:smoking:
  13. You are ignorant.
  14. I would be like "is that 2 ounces of purple kush daddy i see in that bag? How about I confiscate that!! Umm brownies? Evidence, lemme get 4 of those. and 4 magic ocean blunts."
  15. Wow, you must have just got done reading the recruitment pamphlet...

    You kind of left out the part where you wear a bullet-proof vest every day, uh for a reason. Not to mention the mere sight of a cop car can get certain peoples blood boiling...People you have NEVER met.

    Thanks but no thanks. Kudos to those who do though.

    I can carry a gun just fine as a civilian. And still responsibly enjoy the herb. :D
  16. Cop = Gang.


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