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  1. Hello All,

    I'm Jman1050 and I'm a new member here. Though I have no rep here, hopefully I can start off well. I'm an educated intelligent smoker, who hates the stoner stereotype of being dim-witted and ignorant. I advocate making smart choices and being well informed.

    I'd like to present to you guys my own personal method of making a Light bulb Vaporizer. My method is the most simple and straightforward method known to public, to date.

    My intent is to
    1. Promote getting high while staying healthy,
    2. Provide people without the financial backing to buy an expensive Volcano vape (for example), with the means of something similar and easy to make.


    How To Make A Light Bulb Vaporizer - Very Easy and Quick

    My own personal way of making a light bulb vaporizer, letting you quickly and easily change the light bulb.

    All you need
    Water Bottle
    Light bulb
    Electrical tape (or duct tape)

    Make a removable head joint and easily join it to a light bulb. Then when that light bulb gets nasty, easily pop the head joint onto a new one!

    This is my own special way of making the head joint so that it's not taped to the light bulb, but still stuck on nice! Saves alot of time being able to re-use the head joint.

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    (If people do not like me just linking the video, and would like detailed written instructions in addition to the video instructions, please let me know and I will be more than happy to post them :D)



    Vaporizer FAQ

    Q1. Why vaporize instead of using bubblers or rollies?

    A1. Vaporization boils the THC out of the plant, thus creating vapours for inhalation. This reduces the amount of toxic carbon and tar going into our precious lungs, and maximizes the amount of high produced by a little bud.

    Q2. How much should I use?

    A2. This depends on your built up tolerance. Personally, for every 3.5 grams I used to burn, I vaporize about 1.4 grams.

    Q3. Does vaporizing get you higher?

    A3. Vaporizing alows more THC to be released, thus giving you a stronger effect from less bud. Speculations are that vaporizing bud releases about 75% of THC contained, compared to 15% released when combusted. (And it's reported that over 90% is released when used in baked goods)

    Q4. Will this damage my lungs?

    A4. You'll be doing yourself a favour by vaporizing your bud. It's a lot easier on the lungs then burning. Granted putting anything in your body can be damaging, the goal is to reduce damage and maximize the high.

    Q5. Any other cool things about vaporizing?

    A5. Why yes! When done right, there is almost NO smell! If you get very good at estimating heat and how much to use, you can vaporize in the most public of places and not get caught. Personally I've vaporized in the library when I was there for a long time and needed a couple hours break from studying so hard. No smoke, no smell, no problem :D
  2. Best first post Ive seen
  3. i agree, +rep. Hope your stay is pleasant.
  4. damn thats an awesome tip. but im confused on how you said to hold it.
  5. A3. Vaporizing alows more THC to be released, thus giving you a stronger effect from less bud. Speculations are that vaporizing bud releases about 75% of THC contained, compared to 15% released when combusted. (And it's reported that over 90% is released when used in baked goods)

    is this true?

    Great first post btw
  6. Hey alpine!
    It's tough to explain, but I'll try again (I assume you mean when using it to vaporize)

    I'll explain how I do it, as a right-handed person.

    Pick up the vape in your left hand, and put the headjoint between your second and third fingers of that hand. (As though you're holding a cigarette between your two fingers).

    Use your left thumb to cover the secondary air hole. (You may need to rotate the vape so the secondary air hole is on the left side, so your thumb can easily cover it)

    Then bring it closer to your body, so the end of the pen tube is pushed up against your chest (this prevents vapours from escaping).

    In this position, your right hand is free to float a few centimeters underneath the bulb with your lighter.

    Is that clear? If not I can take a picture tomorrow and post it

    Hey Grim
    I'm not too sure what to make of those stats, but thats what I've read and heard. Of course its tough to find real hard scientific data on this stuff, and the stuff done by the government is never too trustworthy in my opinion.
    I can definitely say that I do get much higher, quicker, from less weed, using a vaporizer. And also that baked goods involving marijuana have an intense feelings, that some find even too powerful for their liking. It seriously just messes you up, for a loooong time :p
  7. very good guide, im gonna try to make 1 right now
  8. Awesome man, I'd like to know how it turned out :)
  9. laptop gets pretty hot...Anyone tried vaporizing off of the bottom of a laptop? lol

    But hey, I don't understand how you get the vapor out of the light bulb. Wouldn't you have to have a hole in the light bulb to get air through?
  10. definitely a good first post, n since u dont have any rep yet... here u go
  11. I agree dude. You put some time and effort into this post and didn't make is some stupid post like alot of people do.
    Please enjoy GC dude....and have a wicked time with teh vape.

    PS did you tape the camera to your head or is someone holding it....ROFLCOPTER !!!!
  12. I've tried bulb vapes before, and they've done the trick - and well! But I can't help being paranoid that I'm burning something else with the bud. Anyone sure that you can clean out all the additives inside the light bulb?

    Great first post btw.
  13. use isoprophyl alcohol :)

  14. haha i wondered the same thing

    on another note made the thing last night gotta wait till tomm to try it out :smoking:
  15. Laptop heat won't do it, sorry man :p

    Yeah, thats why you make the headjoint piece, with two holes in it, one for inhaling, one for new air to fill the bulb with

    Yeah, actually I held the camera between my chin and my chest, it wasn't easy :p hahaha

    I've heard isoprophyl alcohol works well to clean the bulb, but your best bet is just to buy a clear bulb already. I've found salt worked to clean most, then I rinsed it a ton until it didn't smell funny anymore and it seemed alright.. same as a clear bulb. You can definitely tell if you didn't clean the bulb right though, because it'll hurt when you inhale.. not in a good way, either..
  16. what songs are those?? nvm i just discovered bob marley im gonna be a happy camper from now on lol
  17. great post man. i now know how to MAKE one. never having used a vapouriser, i have no idea how to smoke one. i assume the bud goes into the bulb, finger over hole in cap and over end of the pentube. when the bulb fills up, release both fingers and inhale through the pen (a bit like a bong) right?
    please explain, or if it saves you time, a picture or something.
  18. Here's a good pic man


    n.b. my bulb has been heavily used
  19. Kinda looks like a free-base craq pipe IMO.

    Wasn't that how Richard Pryor blew himself up?

    Just saying... I'm about to make it anyways haha:smoking:
  20. yup, thats how he got himself charred. :eek:

    you aint gonna blow up with MJ though. :D i love my lightbulb vape.

    to jman: best guide ive seen for these. +rep i wish this guide was around when i was makin mine lol, wouldve been A LOT easier.

    hope you like the city man. :)


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