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    What's up grasscity? With one grow under my belt I've decided to start another journal to keep the community here updated on what I've been doing and will be doing.

    Here is my current setup:
    3x3x6 Secret Jardin DR90
    6" YieldMasterII air cooled reflector
    Lumatek 400w digital ballast MH/HPS (250w/400w with super lumen option)
    6'' EcoPlus inline fan

    3x2x4 DIY box for moms
    2 65w CFLs (dont laugh they were on sale and seem to be doing just fine)

    I also have a clone area and I'm trying to set up everything for a perpetual grow in the future.

    The plants I have in the mom box are:
    -3 Reserva Privada OG Kush. Two seem to be similar phenos and one seems way different because it is stretching like crazy and has huge node spacing
    -1 Big BudXWhite Widow
    -1 AK47XNorthern Lights

    The plants in the flower tent are:
    -4 OGK
    -1 AKxNL

    I will probably only end up keeping the best OG Kush and the AKxNL for moms but possibly keep a BigBudxWW and do a 9 plant SOG just to see how it goes.

    I plan on moving the two 65watt lights into the flower tent for supplemental lighting on lower branches as soon as I buy a T5 strip.

    Clones are a little under 2 weeks old and I'm planning to veg until I have some nice little bushes.

    This is how it all looks if you're standing at the door of the closet.

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  2. Hell yeah man. Ur lookin all professional bro.

    Nice genetics goin too. Ill be here.
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    Super sweet man! Looking really good so far. I like your setup, probably cause its so similar to mine but hey... lol
    Dont forget to say what nutes your using so we can compare! I forgot to add that to my list of things and I just remembered I need to edit it.
    Im subbed!

    I also think Im going to scrap my perpetual and go for another 5 or 6 plant straight grow. I like how my last one turned out and I kind of messed up my cycle with the male that was in there.

    Maybe once I get the schedule of the perpetual down Ill do it but for now Im going to also veg out some clones in my flower room. well.. I might have to rethink that... I have a few flowering right now.
  4. Runnin the same tent with a 430. Hope to get results like your last run! Looking forward to seeing this through.
  5. Ahh yes thank you 420, I'll be using my tried and true faux-organics plan that includes the FF Trio, bat guano teas, and my secret weapon this grow is a 40 gallon rubber bin filled to the top with worm castings that are high in nitrogen. I'll do a top dressing of worm castings in the next day or two and then make teas as well.

    I say it's fake organics because the Grow Big and Tiger Bloom contain some inorganic ingredients but everything else is organic.

    And the canehdian pointed out on my last grow that I didn't say which soil I was in and I about did it again here. I'll be using ocean forest with a dash of pulverized lime, love the stuff.
  6. Awesome set up. I am subbed. Good luck.
  7. subbed, i can't wait until my first grow is done, I plan on fixing my set-up to be more pro as well and am hoping to have more then one strain growing too, :smoke:
  8. Yee boy, we're gonna have a good harvest together!

  9. I hope my OG turns out as dank as yours man. They're seeds so that's my only worry seeing as OG was originally a clone only strain but apparently Reserva Privada worked with the original cut for their OG so I'm hopeful that it will be that fuel smelling OG that smacks you right in the forehead.
  10. Switched out the MH for the HPS today and tied everything down a little more. Time to start 12 on 12 off! As you can see I have a good bit of green in there, just hope everything fits!

    The AK47XNorthernLights cross is in the middle and it has exploded with growth. I have two OGK that are doing pretty well and I have 2 other OGK that are a really slow stretched phenotype so I'm interested to see how they fill in during flowering.

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  11. Nice bro! Those things look great. I will deff be getting 5 gal buckets for my next grow. What is that 5 of them in there? Im guessing you will get a better yield than last time with more room for the roots.
    You were using smaller buckets last time right?
    I have to get on this ish!!!!

    are u using fox farms? if so how many bags did you need to fill all those up? Im trying to get everything ready.
  12. I had 2 plants in 5 gallons last time now I have 5 in 5 gallons. Fox farms ocean forest, took about 2 1/2 bags to do all them if I remember correctly. I can't wait for these OGs to bud, such a good smoke.

  13. You'll be fine with the Privada seeds for sure bro! I wouldn't be surprised if they turn out better than mine, the club I got my clones from grow their flowers half-assed. Excited to see what happens man!
  14. Decided I'm only going to use the synthetics and no teas this time around.

    The girls are stretching a little bit, pictures on Sunday.
  15. Curious. Why did you decide on synthetics and no teas?
  16. Well I feel that teas will be more wasteful than anything because the synthetics kill off the living microbes that uptake nutrients and deliver them to the the roots. So I'm going to just use the FF and then some 0-50-30 concentrate halfway through bloom.

    My mothers however just had a nice tea that I made with my personal worm bin's concentrated juices from the bottom. This should be high in nitrogen because the bat guano I put in there has broken down throughout and mixed with all the castings. My moms are nice and organic and I'd like to go all organic next grow but we will see what happens.
  17. Do you use molasses?
  18. Do you use molasses?
  19. Do you use molasses?

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