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  1. Did you see the video with the little girl crying cause she was too young to marry JJ Watt, then he saw it and without making any publicity about it searched her down and did a proposal to her. It was cool and he didn't release a video talking about how cool it was, instead the only thing that anyone saw was a few pics from the Mom. I can only hope my 15 year old daughter finds a guy with that kinda class.

    I grew up on the west coast now live in MO, so I am a Raiders and Rams fan. Rams future is looking good if they don't leave St. Louis and the Raiders have a very long road to go. :(
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    i didnt see that but thats awsome .texans have a set of great guys on there team. its awsome because he does this stuff without trying to get publicity for it. i sent him a message on twitter saying that i think hes a stand up guy for this video. no message back but i hope he read it.

    call me a pussy but i teared up at the end of that video. just like my man tears at the end of saving private ryan
  3. Here is the link to the video I was talking about.

  4. thats awsome man thanks for posting that
  5. Matt Jonesssssss.
  6. nobody caressssssssssss. and wtf does he have to do with watt?

  7. Thought I was in the NFL thread. :smoking:

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