Jiu Jitsu Or Judo.. Debate

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  1. Itf tkd alk day =)
  2. Ah, I'm slow.

    We should all sword fight to the death. That seems most logical.
    Yea. If we want to prove which style is best. :) its gotta be real or you can't prove it

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  3. This reminds me of that show: "ultimate warrior" where they try to put numbers in a computer to see which warriors are best.

    They did a ninja vs Spartan and the Spartan won. LOL.

    I was like yea, duh the Spartan won. The ninja is an assassin not a warrior.

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  4. Lolol I love that show

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  5. Morgan freeman vs Samuel l Jackson ???
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    There is no better style. It's only who is better on the night, at that moment. And when you are talking about professional athletes, then which fighter is better depends also upon which fighter has the better wrestling coach, boxing coach, kickboxing coach, etc, the better nutritionist, strength/conditioning trainer, etc, etc. Fucking nobody trains just one style anymore, even cats on the street are taking up multiple disciplines. MMA isn't even about which style is better, it's its own style. Up and coming kids have trained MMA their whole life.
    Everyone saying the BJJ black belt would win against the judoka -- you didn't see Sakuraba beat any of the Gracies? Seriously? He was like Gracie kryptonite.
    When I was a kid, I used to swordfight with my friends. And by swordfight, I mean we crossed the streams. And by crossed the streams, I mean we would piss into the toilet at the same time, clashing our urinal streams against one another's until one or both of us had exhausted the contents of our respective bladders. I'm puzzled as to how you could do that to the death.
    edited because not putting an apostrophe s after "one another" would make kids swordfighting seem way fucked up
  7. It's never the art that determines victory, it's the artist.
  8. First of all Jiu-Jitsu is NOT even nearly the same as BJJ. Secondly, there is no definite outcome. It depends 100% on the individual practicioners and their personal circumstances. 

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