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Discussion in 'General' started by toketillyachoke, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. A few years ago a buddy told me abotu this stuff called jinsin seed(or weed) it grows natural in nature. It is a pod with seed attacted to white string things. any way when you eat them you are sopose to trip your balls off.

    When my friend did it his mom was having a teperware party and he was triping out of his mind. everything was fine until he came out of his room. His mom heard him filling a buckket with water but she thought nothing of it. but the nect thing you know he is running down the steps but ass naked with a buckket of water that he dumps on his head and says with a serous look on his face. "iI wonder if teperware can hold water"

    Anyway back to the point I tried jinsin weed last night and I had a complety diffrent kind of high I was jitter and parnoid when light hit my eyes my pupls got very small like a pen dot. Than the next thing i know i must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was morning.

    Has any one ever tried any thing called jinsinseed or jinsin weed if you have iwould like to know your reaction to it and how you took it.
  2. by water itsa big pod and when you open it theres all these little white strings with seeds attatched to them
  3. Looks like you should be doing some more research on them before popping shit in your mouth. but, thats your body. I couldn't find anything on erowid.org, or a couple searches on google.
  4. Are you talking about Jimson weed? I've heard stuff about it but, uh, I forget what.....
  5. Found this on encyclopedia.com
    Jimson weed

    or Jamestown weed, large, coarse annual plant ( Datura stramonium ) of the family Solanaceae ( nightshade family), native to warm-temperate and tropical regions of the New World, but long widely distributed and often weedy. This and other species of the genus contain a narcotic poison, stramonium, similar to that of the related belladonna, that has been used by many peoples for various purposes, e.g., as a medicine (now chiefly inhaled for the relief of asthma or applied externally as a painkiller) and in the past as a poison and an instrument for obtaining prophetic dreams or messages in various tribes. The amusing antics of soldiers in colonial Virginia who ate Jimson weed have been recorded for history. Stramonium, comprised of several alkaloids (e.g., scopolamine , atropine , and hyoscyamine), may also be obtained from some other species of Datura. Scopolamine is used as a sedative. Jimson weed is classified in the division Magnoliophyta , class Magnoliopsida, order Polemoniales, family Solanaceae.
  6. haha, man if your friend actully did that man, thats funny as hell. I wanna find some of this shit..... and make one of my friends eat it! :D
  7. this is not the right plat i have no clue what to call it but i guess its not called jinsin weed.

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