Jimson Weed (Datura)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Daggermouth, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Anyone on GC ever done this crazy drug? Or would you ever try it if presented?

    Personally...I really don't know. I know it's very easy to take to much, and most people end up hospitalized or arrested...Yet I'm not excluding it.

    Curiosity killed the cat...
  2. I would never do datura
  3. ull get the same trip and its way safer to just take like 20 benadryls
  4. id say dont do it

    i did it once and saw the guyys from the man show carved into mount rushmore , that was ok.

    did it a second time and passed/blacked out alls i remmeber is waking up in the tub trying to cool down, sucky drug not worth the risk
  5. ive never tried it but i remember a trhead posted where a kid ate a leathal dose and someone tried to help him and luckly he never od'd

    dont know much about this drug, i havnt herd anything good though
  6. i remember that thread, it was narc0t1c or something like that

    mad weird but if you are taking 50 seeds and dosing every 2 hours then i don't see the risk because that's is being extremely careful
  7. Datura would make [​IMG] cry badly
  8. did you search muscular woman or something on google? lmao
  9. i dont mean to start a fight i remember that other thread too and sorry psych but gave the stupidest advice ever i'd just go with http://www.erowid.org/plants/datura/datura.shtml if i were you OP
  10. ...no thats my mom
  11. i was telling everyone to stop hating because this is the BOX so he's asking for help on the drug not to tell him not to do it because he made up his mind. the outcome was what it was gonna be, he ended up eating them. nothing you said would have stopped him........ you might as well tell him how to be safe if he's gonna do them regardless. it's better then wasting your time typing to him to not do them because if he really wants to do them then he will.
  12. fuck! i knew that was gonna happen:p
  13. whatever dude....
  14. Chill out he was asking other people their opinion on it.
    Did you even read the first post?
  15. i was saying that to wein-dog12

    i was actually saying that in defense of Daggermouth lol
  16. I was defending both, wein-dog12 was helping the OP out.
  17. he wasn't answering his question he was telling him that i gave bad advice by directly answering the OP's advice of the thread he linked.
  18. I am so confused, lol. Thanks to the people who actually answered the question. And psychiatricward is a cool cat.

    Anyywayyyssss, I'm not planning on doing datura anytime soon, maybe in a few years. Who knows how I'll feel then.
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    I took 200 and nothing happened but no one believed me, so if your going to do it make sure you have potent seeds or you can eat the actual plant.
  20. I'd like to do it, if i knew that i could safely, but as I understand it it's just one of those things that's really NOT safe... so meh, i'm not risking my life to experiance a walking nightmare :p

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