Jimmy Kimmel

Discussion in 'General' started by Baker, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I was thinking about this earlier, anyone who didn't watch the roast of flavor flav, Kimmel prolly had the best part.

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  2. I hate watching the Comedy Central roasts.. They never roast anyone worth giving a shit about. Except Rodney Dangerfield. i think they roasted him...I think.

    As for the Flave roast, Greg Giraldo was the best.
  3. They did. Rodney was a real comedian, i absolutely love watchin him. When I was growin up my dad and I would watch his movies and just laugh our asses off.

    As much as I absolutely hate flava flave, the roast wasnt too bad. I was up north when I watched it and had nothing really to do so it was a good way to pass the time.
  4. hahahah pretty funny. I love jimmy kimmel
  5. Giraldo is the best. :)

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  6. im a public enemy fan so i loved the roast of flavor flav.my favorites were

    Patton Oswald-"tiny little pimp in a thimble,smacking his bitches with a daphadel stem"

    and Ice Tea-"Snoop dogg smokes so much weed during commercial he farted and the whole front row got the munchies"

    did anybody notice that snoop was passing the blunt to ice tea too?

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