Jimmy John's????

Discussion in 'General' started by KAdernal, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. ANyone have jimmy johns in their area? Its a sub place, but oh so fucking good. Personally where im from I had never had it before but my roomate always told me about it when we would get high and talk about places to grab tasty treats. The other day one opened up down the street from campus and they were giving out .97 cent subs, the fucking things where the size of my forearm.... annnnnnnd those mother fuckers deliver that shit on 4/20 its gonna be over baby.
  2. Jimmy Johns is SOOOOOOOOO good I wish they had em where I live right now. Damn now im gonna have to go on a road trip...
  3. dude we have them everywhere in minnesota. i can think of 4 within a 15 minute drive from my house. they're so good. #4 man, turkey tom is the best. the employees are always so great, they are always blazed as hell.
  4. you should make a 4 hour road trip down here to boca, smoke with me and grab some jimmy johns. hahaha:D
  5. lol yeah they got some decent subs, but the closest Jimmy John's is like 20 minutes away.
  6. where is one? down south? lets go some weekend
  7. IN high school, we'd get jimmy john's almost every day for lunch... it was beautiful. Now i'm a poor bastard, and can't afford it often, but it is still the highlight of my week/day whenever i get it.

    The other fun part is that they deliver! their area is quite limited, so they don't deliver all the way out to my part of town, but I do have some friends in their delivery area... which makes for good munchies.
  8. i have a jimmy johns shirt, my friend worked there
  9. there is a jimmy johns about a football field away from where i live. booya.

    right beside it is gumby's pizza...there has been many a stoned nights where i stood out there for fifteen minutes deciding which one i want.
  10. Damn, ya'll have good resturants. The only thing we have is a McDonalds here a Taco Bell there. Oh, we do have a Firehouse Sub. Those are good.
  11. i live in a college town, so i can get anything i want its probably the best thing ever. But yea, jimmy johns here is awesome, they usually have it made, and delivered to u within 10 minutes.. its awesome. The fastest ive had was when i called, i made my order and then gave him my cred card number, and the guy said, go outside he should be there. So I hang up the phone, go outside and hes there! good times

  12. Never seen a jimmy johns i dont think.

    Nuttin like a good Tubby's sub.
  13. there's one on my campus. fucking addictive as hell. being able to call them at 2AM for a sub while stoned is too tempting.

    Vito with mayo and peppers.. plz.
  14. 2 slim #1's with no chees and extra mayo packs!!

  15. i think i have been to one in boulder

    it was open till like 4 or soemthin and we were coming down off shrooms and we went there and ate

    i got something with like letuce bacon and chicken or somethin like that it was mad good
  16. its only in select areas, but yeah i have it in my area(here at college and back home)

    its good shit, The Vito is my favorite sandwich
  17. Yup! that's where i lay at. I had my buddy call them up and we were ordering two hunter clubs, and my buddy's stoned ass kept saying two-hundred clubs. He ended up confusing the guy so much he got the manager and he had it on speakerphone and all i could hear is laughter, good times.

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