Jimi Hendrix Was Murdered!!!

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  1. I went to his grave a while back.. Its in seattle or outside it. Just a small plack under a tree... There was a stoner camped out at his grave that would do "a rub for whatever you got". Cool shit
  2. sweet yeah im high
  3. I think this is just slander against a great musician.

    Please close this thread.
  4. slander against a great musician? it's slander to say he died of a drug overdose if he didn't.
  5. Jimi's problems are over and I doubt he cares at this point how people think he died. Let him rest in piece.
  6. Exactly, thanks Lexus.
  7. im sorry..but i was just voicing my oppinion....no needto say that..:)
  8. Absolutely NO reason to close a thread. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean the thread needs to be closed...

    Either way, it's impossible to say, ultimately.
  9. he OD'd get over it...yeah it sucks but thats how it went down.everyone knows what kind of habits he had so its pointless almost to say he didnt OD. it was a long time ago, if it were possible that he was murdered then it wouldve been looked into.just listen to his music and forget about his death..the music is why you know him anyway not how he died.

  10. yeah i know but imnot going to explain to hungry
  11. you guys jimi hendrix was murdered they say he died from choking on his own vomit because he took nine sleeping pills and drank an achoholic beverage well to say the least his achoholic blood level or whatever its called was rather low but yet his lungs were overflowing with red wine so what assumption would you come up with from that HE DIDNT DRINK THE RED WINE WILLINGLY because if he did then his achoholic blood level would have been really high considering the fact of how much red wine was in his system so it must have been forced down a few suspicious things when the ambulance workers arrived there (which was at approximately 11:27 and they were called at approximately 11:18) the door was flung wide open the room was completely empty besides Jimi oh yeah he wasn't clothed except for the sheets that were stuck to his body on the account of the giant pool of vomit covering the bed his hair was matted from the vomit his pillow was covered with vomit his mouth was wide open and his tongue had rolled to the back of his mouth his mucous membranes were black and brown which would signify that he had been dead for some time maybe seven or eight hours before someone had called the ambulence which would put the time of death around 3:00 or 4:00 in the a.m. the ambulence workers also said that they tried to suction his lungs but the suctioning thing would just fill up with the wine and they tried over and over to relieve his lungs of fluid and that his bowels were spilling out and that their shirts were dripping wet from trying over and over without success i just wonder who called the ambulence out of all that i know these two things for sure: first thing i know for sure is that Monika Dannemann must have witnessed his death whether she acted alone or with someone or she had nothing to do with his murder and only watched she witnessed his murder second thing i know for sure is that she panicked and ran out of the room and that was why the door was wide open when the ambulence workers arrived whether they threatened to kill her if she snitched or if she arrived at the hotel with Jimi knowing she wasn't going to be THE last person to see him alive but one of the last meaning maybe she knew someone was coming to kill Jimi or it could be that she did the dirty deed alone and panicked and ran out here are a few of the things i think could have happened: 1: she was in on it with someone and maybe gave him those many sleeping tablets thinking that was enough to take him out and when the other accomplice that was in on it arrived maybe Jimi wasn't dead and maybe he said to her "he's not dead!" so maybe in a panic to kill him he said "here pour this down his throat to make it look like it was an accident" and they probably ran out of there 2:maybe she had absolutely nothing to do with it maybe someone broke in and killed him and threatened to kill her if she snitched and she got scared and ran out of there 3: maybe she acted alone perhaps she could have been angered at him for saying he was going to marry her and allofasudden he called it of because Monika did say that he and her were engaged (its not a surprise to me that he would get engaged to her but not really be planning to marry her because from what i can gather it was in his personality to do such a thing) but there was a Swedish girl who was also engaged to Jimi so maybe he called it of and she couldnt take it so she killed him (well one things for sure whatever feelings she had for him it sure wasnt love because as we all know love is never jealous it was probably infactuation) maybe this sounds otrageous but what if they were planning to die together and their plan was for Monika to kill him and then kill herself and maybe after she killed him she realized what she had done and panicked and didnt go through with it and maybe she finally completed the plan in 1996 which was the year she died i heard she died near a shrine she made for him. anyone have any suggestions on how he was murdered that i or anyone else hasnt said please can you post them because it would be delightful to hear i really want to solve this case maybe this yellow-toothed government will be exposed for the better of the people that want to know the truth. sorry my post is so long!
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  13. I can't even read that, it's just one big ball of words.
  14. Skiiibby dibby do spdijfgoifd blah hes dead yo! listen to his tunes and enjoy what he did.whethere overdose or murder, he deaaaaaaaaaad.:smoking:
  15. i loved, and still love jimi to this day. but i dont think jimi would find it cool to see us all freaking out about his death, but rather freaking out about the terrific legacy he left behind. yes, im sure he would be much appreciative of us investigating his death and whether or not he was murdered, but to that bold "i dont care what you say, Jimi was murdered" i think he'd say "dude, chill"
  16. barbituates are killer man. but seriously, let it go.

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