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Discussion in 'Politics' started by cigarjack, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Tenacious reporter or rude asshole?
  2. He should have just given the mic back.

  3. Both
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    So no blame attributed to Trump`s handling of this?

    Quaduple taxes? That was yesterday`s lie. So some gonna have to pay 100% tax?

    That`s ok though. He tells lies. We get it.

    What we don`t get..................is that you still don`t fucking get it.
  5. He looked like he was being a rude asshole but if you consider his motives being an ass was part of his plan. It's tough to get attention these days when you meekly follow the rules and getting attention was what he was after. Trump should have walked out and the other reporters would have missed their chance to ask questions because of Acosta's antics.
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  6. Trump looked nervous.
  7. Because he was?
  8. Looked like it. He's got some bodies in the trunk.
  9. For those who haven't seen it -

  10. Tenacious Reporter.

    Trump had it out for him. Trump even mentioned how Acosta treated Sarah Huckabee. That should provide some insight into the deep disdain that Trump had for Acosta and CNN. This wasn't just a singular moment that made Trump go off on this tirade.

    The job of a WH Correspondent isn't pretty. You have to ask tough questions. The president of a nation should have the temperament to respond in a professional way whether one disagrees with someone or not. We learn this in elementary school.
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  11. We need no insight to understand the deep disdain Trump feels toward CNN, he straight up tells us how he feels about CNN and why. Acosta's actions are one example of why he feels this way. Why do you characterize Trump's answers as a tirade and not Acosta's? Acosta was the aggressor in this exchange.
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