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  1. Hello everybody, I've been lurking this site for about a month but made an account today so I can keep a grow journal on my first ever grow and get advice from seasoned growers.

    It'll go like this:

    Phase 1: germinating
    Phase 2: planting/growing
    Phase 3: harvesting

    I'll keep this regularly updated. And it should be interesting since I haven't found any other regularly updated grow journal from New England, maybe because the growing season just started, maybe it's just not a popular place. Anyways, right now I'm on phase 1. Which is germination.

    I want you guys to look at my seeds, though, first... I know 2 are good for planting, but what about the rest? I'm not quite sure if they're fried or if it's just their specific breed, but you guys could tell me.

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  2. Welcome to GC! Germinate them all, plant them all. Then once they sprout, we will help you from there.
  3. theres quite a few of us New England growers. keep reading this site has everything u need to grow successfully. Use the Search. i responded to ur other post btw.
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    ^Thanks. And I put them out today in a forest between my neighborhood and some old people condos. I put them in a small clearing which gets lots of sunlight because theres a large opening on the trees above. It's a bit of a pain in the ass to get there but I'll work it out. Sorry no pictures yet, I was kind of rushing. I'll take pictures next time I visit.

    EDIT: some more details: I managed to plant the two seeds that had the biggest white roots coming out of the bottom. The other like what.... 4, 5 ? seeds I had spilled out of my little seed box I was carrying it in and lie on the bottom of the forest floor.

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