Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix

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  1. I Just Want To Know Has Anybody Used This Mix Before? And What Would You Rate It, This Is My First Grow So I'm Bound For Mistakes

    Listed ingredients: peat, vermiculite, lime, wetting agent.
    I'd rate that as Poor.
    Hopefully you're only using it to start seeds.  If so, I'd go buy some EWC (worm castings / vermicompost) and an aeration amendment, which could be (in my order of preference): pumice, lava rock, buckwheat hulls, rice hulls, cocoa husks, perlite.  Obviously cost is a factor, in that I wouldn't pay 4x more to get pumice if cheap rice hulls are available, for example.
    Say you have 5 gallons of your jiffy mix.... I'd add 1-2 gallons of EWC, and 2 gallons of aeration.  That will help give your plant some nutrition, as well as resistance to pathogens that cause diseases like damping off.  The issue with vermiculite is that it retains so much water.... much more than perlite.
    Then, to make a soil that could grow a plant into adulthood, you'd only need a few more ingredients.... like just kelp meal, sphagnum peat moss, more worm castings and/or compost, rock dust, and just 1 or 2 more nutritional amendments like alfalfa meal, crab meal, neem meal, etc.  Read around some stickied threads for ideas, like the Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners.
    The quality of the EWC and compost is really the key......
  3. Another thought.... do you live in a rural area?  Or do you know where you could find piles of leaves that have been left undisturbed for long periods of time, to the point of advanced decomposition?  If you could find "leaf mold," that would replace peat, and to some degree compost, and quickly elevate the status of your soil to "Above Average" or "Excellent"
    As a seed starting mix, it's fine. I'm guessing that's what you wanted it for, yes?
  5. Thanks Man, And I'm In Chicago


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