Jewish tokers

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  1. Any other Jewish tokers out there? Just wondering.
  2. jewish heritage, nonreligious tho :bongin:
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    Yeah same here
  4. What's the smoking culture like amongst the Jewish community?

    Any special traits or characteristics?
  5. Yeh, we always want the best deals!
  6. Hasidic toker right here :)
  7. What does the Hasidic community think about Cannabis?
  8. Why is bud banned on passover? non-jew just wondering..
  9. It's more about eating rather than smoking - as I understand it. Although some may need a special passover pipe!
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    Most Hasidim don't have a problem with it. The Chabad Lubavitchers actively take part in all of the politics against weed though. They're really the only Hasidim who care, much like the "regular" orthodox jews
  11. our ancient kings smoked big dank ancient Israeli weed. legend has it cannabis grew on king solomon's grave. The Rastafari prophet and emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie also claims descendency from Solomon.
  12. Likewise. :D

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