jewelers microscope??

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  1. im trying to get one of those little handheld microscopes to check my triclones. ive been to a couple stores but can only find normal ones that arent powerful enough. do jewelery stores sell them? i havent been able to stop into one because it was to late and they were closed. i want to check them either tommorrow or saturday when i water again. anyone know where i can get them and how much do they usually cost? thanks
  2. Radio shack for 12$ Go to any Radio shack

    Illuminated Microscope -

    Scope it out.

    A powerful 60-100x magnification microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. Features a built-in light that provides a bright, clear image and a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. Fits easily in your pocket to bring with you anywhere.

    Powerful 60-100X magnification
    Compact design provides easy portability
    Easy-to-use controls allow for adjustable focus and zoom
    Built-in light with on/off switch

  3. good shit bro thanks, theres one right down the street

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