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Jets out and Raiders in

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Jets luck run out today. Raiders and Titans haave the next battle for the Super Bowl.

    Any bets on that game??
  2. wait the raiders titans the eagles are still in to and the steelers right. i have my money on the eagles

    um, steelers are out. its tampa v philly
    I think id go with the raiders over titans, honeslty, although that game should be tight...and eagles all the way :)
  4. Titans all the way..Hopefully
  5. R...A...I...D...E...R...S

    enough said.
  6. I've got to say that I think TB will win it. It's been said before "defense wins championships" and I think that as long as Brad Johnson is healthy and plays well, and the number 1 ranked defense plays as it does, there should be no question.
  7. ahh at last a post about the super bowl.. well being a illinois resident i have grown up loving the BEARS well as you all prolly know they BLOW. so this year i sat down and desided to root for another team. The RAMS seeing as they were my 2nd favorite team right right.. Well they didnt do much better. IM glad i dont gamble. so i was like there has gotta be something done about this. so i started watch every game on tv. no matter who was playing. i was bound to find another team. OK im sure my story is getting quit boring. so i desided on the tampa bay bucs. and they do kick much ass.

    so im hoping the bucs make it all the way. But i wont bet on it!! :p
  8. E. A. G. L. E. S EAGLES!

    Eagles will win it all no doubt in my mind. Philly needs a championship somewhere, and the eagles are so close! Gotta give it up for the 700 section
  9. i'm sorry but the bucs are going to win the superbowl you heard it here first
  10. *shouts* "go bucs"

    ~is doing the happy dance~

  11. wish the bears could be consistent, anyway, i want tampa to win it. heh lowell, i thought you liked titans man. what happened? no faith...
  12. no dude i used to like the titans but now i am with the eagles for this superbowl, but my real favorite team is the patroits by far. last year was the coolest year for them

  13. LMAO yeah! and all the people who hate them!!!!! lol...
  14. What a choke of a season for the good ole Rams. Sorry to say but I think it'll be Oakland and Philly in the big game. Titans had to many injuries throughout the year IMO. This is the year for the Raiders, I can feel it. Let's say if I win the losers will have to dedicate a thread to me in General. If I lose I'll do the same...any takers? Put your money where your mouth is!
  15. Raiders...titans woulda got beaten by the steelers, but they got the game handed to them.

    so yeah..raiders superbowl champs.
  16. i beg to differ
  17. you can beg all ya wont help any.
  18. Go ahead and beg sensi, I'll kick Norms ass for ya!
  19. I'll hold him down for you, BH!!!!
  20. Norm you better run and hide! You aint never had a whooping till you get a Tennessee whooping! LOL

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