Jet Zero Waterpipe?

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  1. How many people own this waterpipe and what do you guys think of it compared to another piece of scientific glass? I thought I had my mind set on buying a MGW Showercap/CirQ, but after seeing this thing I'm not all that sure which to pick. I want to know about the smoothness of this waterpipe, what can it be compared to (apparently with the upgraded diffuser this bong is supposed to be as smooth as going through 5 percolation chambers...but idk about that seems like a gimick)? Because as far as I know being unbreakable and cheaper is a huge plus compared to the MGW already...
  2. bump, anyone?
  3. Thanks, but I've read that before- just wanted more opinions as it doesn't seem many people who actually owned it posted in that thread
  4. there where at least 2-3 people in the thread who owned it.

    EDIT: Correction 3 people in the thread own it. 2 of which give reviews of the piece.
  5. Useless without pics
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