"Jet set radio future" appreciation

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Cannibasity, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. what an epic game this was... i know almost all of you forgot about it, so im making a thread to bring this game back in the thoughts of others :hello:..

    the game play was amazing , soundtrack was incredible .. still got some songs stuck in my head.. and its been 7 years since ive last played it wow.. the best part of this game that i liked was the fact that they didnt have any rules.. they were all living life fuck the government.. spraying graffiti all over the place beating up police daam what a fun game .. abd did i mention the music was sick :D
  2. I still have it on my Dreamcast. It was great for its time. Im a MW2 man now.
  3. Jet grind radio was better, Jet set was the one on xbox right?
  4. yeah it was.. i loved the catchy music and the sick free lifestyle of the game ..
  5. Yeah they were both sick i just preferred the original for Dreamcast more, i still have it actually i think im gonna pack a bowl and go play it.
  6. my favorite game of all time...no other game blened sountrack/enviorment/storye better...the ending leaves you with such a life lesson message too

    I always use beat...how about ya'll?
  7. Hahaha no havent heard of JSRF in a LONG time. From what I remember the soundtracks were awesome but kinda lacked on gameplay. I coudn't even finish it it was that bad.

  8. i loved playing with beat also :hello: but my favorite character has to be corn.. idk he resembles my personality :)
  9. They really need to make a new JSR game. I'd like to know what they would add using the current console technology.
  10. I loved that game, i never did end up beating it, i just ended up skating around alot and painting alot of graffiti haha. That was a fun as hell game, i reminded my friend about it awhile back, he went out and bought two copies of it. But thatd be so sick if they made a new one.
  11. I need to buy another memory thing for my dreamcast.
  12. Yoyo ftw! Anyone know if you can get it from the Xbox Live Arcade?

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