Jesus would have post at GC

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. HAHA FUCK YEA DUDE!!! AWESOME FIND!!! + rep for sure from the roman catholic weedaholic! lol
  2. So sez a writer for high times, im not saying i disbeleive this, its definately a possibility, but christians arent gonna beleive this just becoz the writer quoted a couple scholars. I personally think Jesus consumed cannabis at some point.
  3. look ats where ajesus lived. NO shit heprollysmokd

    goods find R_:M

  4. So what are you on tonite tokin?
  5. jimmy B and coke(coca cola)

    took a long time to ype tehis post so it is halfway legible

    and no i am not gonig into detalis about why im drinking until i pass out
  6. dude now that jesus is a stoner we can now use marijuana under are religion

    for real this time,

    cant wait to use this one on a cop

    "but jesus smoked the buds"
  7. Jesus was a pimp and i'm his apprentice.
  8. This would explain his 'magical feats' being finger tricks and bad humming as family guy showed

    na nanana na nana na na anana na nananaaaaaaaaa lol if he was a toker we're gods of intelligence compared to his special ass

    this makes the concept of pot being a thought expander rather then a dummy doper drug all the clearer lol which means they fear potheads cuz potheads aren't sheep
  9. Jesus smoking a blunt before the last supper! LOL!:smoking:
  10. probably the best supper he had, dude pass the fish, ah jesus theres only one fish left, damn, oh wait, check this shit out, man i wish i could have chilled with jesus, thats probably why he was so understanding of being crcuified, dude i'm stoned and you wanna do what, oh yeah thats cool

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