Jesus-son of God or alien human hybrid?

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  1. i have a wild theory. if any of you have read anything about how humans were supposodly created by aliens by gene splicing with thier DNA with that of early homonids some 250,000 years ago then this would make a lot of sense. what if the virgin mary was implanted with the seed of an alien and that is what Jesus really is? think about it, she never had intercourse with whats his face, Jesus was able to perform "miracles", walk on water, cure the blind and sick, and he was executed a horrible death because he was basically a freak. (no offense to any one that actually believes in that stuff.) he was trying to teach people how to live a better life that no one knew about before. and i lost my trane of thought. discuss and comment please.:wave:
  2. hayl naw boy. jesus died fir my sins.
  3. I'm not too big on religion... so, I don't really think those "miracles" either actually happened or people were tricked into think they happened. This kind of reminds me of Scientology, and in all honesty, I can't understand how anybody could believe some of that stuff...:confused:
  4. scientology is complete bullshit and thats not where im comin from. but thats what im sayin about the so-called miracles he did. could they have been alien powers?
  5. jesus christ the enitity, was an actual person, and was real and documented. his alleged magic tricks, not so much.
  6. I'd imagine his miracles were kind of like a poor man's David Blaine...

    Your theory is so outlandish It dies on its ass
  7. Around the time of 0 BC there were hundreds of "prophets" and "messaiahs" going around claiming to be the Son of God. Jesus just happened to have a slut mom who got knocked up by someone else and tried to convince everyone she was a virgin, and was also able to do tricks that at the time seemed like miracles (even though it's possible to do any of them without any modern technology). Combine his tricks with 2000 years of distortion, and you have Jesus Christ.

    That's my belief anyway. Most people are not aware of the magnitude of how many different "sons of God" who were going around at the same time as Jesus. I wish I could find the history book or at least a website that could back me up, because I know I read that fact in a reputable source a while ago, but I can't recall where.

  8. I just wrote up some shit and it was accidently deleted. :mad:

    I know what you're talking about with the hundreds of people going around claiming to be the messiah. Because Jesus gained such a huge following, so quickly I think he's either the greatest magician to ever live or the son of God.

    Here's what C.S. Lewis had to say on Jesus:

    A Jewish scholar, Joseph Klausner, wrote:

    IIRC the resurrection was crucial in convincing his disciples that he is indeed the Son of God. After he was killed on the cross and buried, he disciples had no longer wanted to be associated with him, but after seeing the "risen Jesus" they were willing to die for their beliefs.

    If he is in fact not the Son of God then the heist of his tomb would be one of the biggest in history. IIRC he was in a tomb with a large stone door that was always guarded by Jews or Romans. Neither Jews nor Romans wanted for his body to be gone because that helps fuel the Christian's cause.

  9. I would like to take the time out here to point out to the many people who believe otherwise (yes, there are many)

    Jesus Christ, named son of God was not white.

    He was of Arabic backround and his real name was Yoshua bin Yousef, meaning Yoshua, son of Yousef (Joseph)

    It dissapoints me to learn that many many Christians actually believe that Jesus was white, they actually believe a white man was born in Palestine over 2000 years ago and cant bear to worship an Arab man, i hope no Christians here follow suit.
  10. I don't believe in Jesus.

    ...but I do believe in Aliens. :smoking:
  11. i believe in the ability for people to trust in themselves that they alone have the power to change things, and take responsibility for what happens in the world. When something bad happens that could have been prevented, NO it is not some higher power's "greater plan". if you fucked up fix it and move on.

    i think religion is definitely a drug and a crutch.
  12. -it doesnt matter if jesus was white, black, arab or human alien hybrid. it doesnt matter if he even existed, it doesnt matter if christianity/judiasm is a complete joke. what matters is what he did and the acts of compassion and whatnot that we are supposed to learn from.

    - these 'miracles' im sure exist, ive heard of things like healing and manifesting objects actually happening to some higher up people. actually healing skills are not that uncommon, look into alternative medicine and you will know what i mean.

    - the idea of the 'son of god' is a big joke. we are all god there isnt even a son in the equation, there is just oneself. im sure this is what jesus told his followers, unfortunately we dont have anything that jesus himself wrote.

    - there has and will only be 1 true christian, and he died 2000 years ago on a cross.

  13. "Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs." I forget who said it.

    its all an alien experiment to see what the hell we do and stuff.
    ever see that eoisode of first wave?:smoking:
  15. hahaha thats crazyyyyy

    i tend to just think of jesus as a jewish peasant who preached a new kind of judaism.

    but MAN what if there WERE aliens? aliens are something thats tough to theorize about. as big as the universe is, with as many planets as there are, who knows what the hell is going on.
  16. They (Jesus,Allah,Buddah,etc.) all found the the secret science of the human soul, the lost science the nazi's tried to find in India every year during the world war, the sciences now protected by tibetan monks and are from the age of the pyramids.

    google -->lost ancient technologies and you might be suprised.
  17. seems reasonable
  18. two words: robot....

  19. That's crazy dude... clearly he was an android.
  20. Wow, you guys have a lot of thoughts on the subject. You each at least have an opinon, although I can't say that I'd agree with most of are my thoughts....

    First off, let's deal with the alian idea. I don't believe in alians, but I do believe in demons...anyone that has been high enough, or been involved in the occult on any level...even ouija boards...can tell you that demons are real.

    Well naturally there are opposites in's like Newtons law..for every reaction there is an opposite reation...ok, so you have light, you have darkness...ok so you have demons, so of course you have angels. You have a sepreme evil prescence , so you have a sepreme ultimate Good (that people call God). If you've been involved in the occult, which if you get high or do any kind of drugs, then you are involving yourself in the demonic relm to begin with...but just as on the Lord of the Rings the craving they had to possess the ring...that's your craving to be with any drug of your choice. By doing the drugs, you are saying "yes" to that demonic tie, even if you don't see anything, you can feel the the ring.

    As for Magician, sure people can do illusions and make a good sized following and become famous....but how do you do that when speople were healed that the town new had been blind, have lepersy, crazy out of their mind, or even dead and buried.

    A second point to make on that subject is..if you go back and read about Moses (Old Testament) they said the same things you guys are saying about Jesus. Moses went to free the slaves as God had commanded him, Pharoah wasn't convinced because he didn't believe in Moses's God. Pharoah had his magicians turn their staffs into snakes, make the river turn red ...all as Moses had done too...but they couldn't explain the plagues that Moses phrophisied were coming since they didn't free them, nor could they explain the death of the first born sons of every family that didn't believe. The people were freed, but at a great cost to Pharoah because of his greedy, nonbelieving heart.

    As for the 2000 years...there were to my understanding other people named Jesus at the time, it was a popular means Son of God. Back them they named there children names that meant things. Jesus was so important that they began at some point dating the callander according to before and after Jesus Birth. That's were BC and AD come from. Before Christ, and After for the Bible, the word Bible means "Many Books" or "Little Books". The regualar bible is a collection of 66 books that were written by many different authors at different times thoughout history. Between the books in the Old Testament and the books in the New Testament there are many places where they reference eachother...that adds to the validity of it, like another witness of what happened. There are also physical proofs of the Bible, and for anyone interested in that type of thing there are many people out there that love to talk about it.

    With all that point is...The Bilbe is real. Jesus really did pay the penalty for our sins. He's not an alien, but He is the Son of God and we will be judge according to everything we do, every word we say, and every thought we have. How will you be measured on your day of judgement. The devil can have a really powerfull pull on your life, but only if you allow him. I've been there and done that. Been saved for almost 15 years, and I'll never go back to any of my old ways. But it takes alot to turn away from everything the devil gives you, he makes it so easy to do wrong. It's your life, God's calling his people. Will you answer? Will you stand with the mighty army? Or will you be thrown into everlasting fire. It's not God's will that any should perish, but that all should come unto repentance and receive the gift of life. Tell Jesus you love him, and thank you for paying your fne...repent of your sins, and turn from the devil. Don't give him a second look or he'll make you fall back into the same problem, only it'll be worst the second time than the first.

    The Bible says that if you are a believer and you rebuke a demon he must flee. But he'll go get 7 more more stronger than him, and return. If you haven't changed your ways, you'll end up 7 times worst than the began.

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